Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Brookee's 1st email! MTC

Saturday, October 26, 2013

PAMILYA!!! Maganda Umaga!!!

I made it through my first 3 days in the MTC and I LOVE it!! It has been so good!! THAT IS SO CUTE WHAT CONNER DID! tell him thank you! Whata sweetie!

So my companion is sister J, and we get along so well. I feel really blessed. We are so much alike (she even brought hair color, more than 21 outfits and is so sweet. Her personality is alot like mikaylas. We laugh and joke but we are really focused too so we work hard and well together) We really push each other so thats good. We get lost a lot, and we got locked out of our room once but other than that we have been on top of things. hahaha

 I am suprisingly catching on to the language pretty well. I can say a prayer and I can bear a short testimony. My distract is great. We all have so much fun and we are learning a lot.

When they say this is hard. they mean it. haha it has been the most exhausting and draining expirience ever, but I have never been so close to the spirit all the time. It is a great feeling. We pretty much sit in a class all day and then sit some more. But we feel like we are always SO BUSY. I'm on the Lord's time now so I am trying to make every second count.

Thank you for the package i LOVED it! Everyone was so surprised when I got a package the first day lol
I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! It is so good to hear from you all! 

At the last district meeting we had one of the counselors said "say as the aussies say, no worries mahn." hahahaha I laughed hard and then teared up a little. (thats the only time so far haha) 

I really do love it, and I love learning the language. It is hard but fun.

I will be sure to send pictures next week, because I don't think I will have time today. We are going to the temple later today at 1:20, and our pdays are on saturdays so I will most likely write on saturday mornings. 

Mahal Kita!! 

Alam ko po na totoo po ang ebanghelyo. 
XOXOXOXOX, Sister Golightly

We can't say guys here. HARDEST HABIT TO BREAK. we can only say sisters and elders. so hard. but its funny.

I want to send back my first journal when I finish it cuz then you can read it all in detail day by day because I feel like I'm forgetting to tell you A LOT! 

I haven't gotten a lot of sleep but I also haven't had a single headache here. Um BLESSING.

How was the trunkortreat??

                              -Sister Brook Golightly ---------------------(her companion is far right)

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