Wednesday, November 20, 2013

November 16, 2013


Let me just start with NEVER APOLOGIZE for sending me dear elders/letters. They are the best things in the world and they make my whole day. I haven't read a boring one yet so keep 'em comin ;) (oh and tanner did you get my letter to you and conner?)

Well this week has been overall, really good.  SO,  It has been snowing all day and it looks like a dream! SO GORGEOUS! Its so Christmasy. Today when me and Sis J were walking to the temple, it was so early, the sun was barely coming up and it was snowing so hard it was absolutely beautiful. But I was FREEZING. I am such an Arizonian.

K, quick question, I don't sweat in arizona in 120 degrees but I have been sweating here like crazy and its freezing. (K actually that was more like a statement) What does that even mean? Momma  I don't know whats happening to me!! oh p.s. I saw Dallin Reyne the other day! He walked by and I'm all WHA?! Elder Reyne?! So ironic. He is going to New york.

I got my first headache this week and it was KILLER! I think it was a migraine, I was shaking and saw stars, but idk how i got it. It was the biggest blessing tho because I know Heavenly Father helped me work through it. I think it would have lasted all day but luckily it subsided later on. It was the biggest blessing.

So I'm going to the Philippines two weeks from Monday CRAZY!!!

This weeks devotional was incredible. We heard from the one and only Elder L. Tom Perry. Him and his wife gave beautiful talks. To be in the presence of a living apostle was seriously amazing. Our district got chosen to usher at this devotional in the beginning when everyone is coming and getting seated. WHICH IS A BIG DEAL- WE GET A PIN THAT SAYS USHER AND EVERYTHING. k that sounds lame. BUT perks: We sat in the 3rd row from the front. HELLO, I was within like ten feet of Elder Perry! And I'm pretty sure we made eye contact twice. Now, if this doesn't make someone want to usher I don't know what would.

We gave two stellar lessons this week to our investigators and I think the best part was after the lesson and our evaluation.  Our teacher, Bro C, said it was the best lesson he had heard from us yet; our Tagalog was amazing, and then he said when I bore my testimony afterwards he could feel the spirit so strongly. I honestly could not have been happier. It seriously doesn't get better than that.  I have grown more in these 3 1/2 weeks than you would even believe.  

Mahal Kita!


p.s. the best part of my day today had to be when a sister came up to me and sis j and said "Wow, its so interesting to see you two normal and like this......" She pretty much said we looked terrible. In my defense I wasn't wearing makeup, my hair was in a bun, and honestly its p-day so i don't care. hahahaha (it was funny i promise)

 p.s.s.  I don't even miss technology.  Weird huh.  I meant to tell you that.  Like I'm not even having withdrawals!  Imagine that!!

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