Monday, November 4, 2013

November 2, 2013 Letter # 2


This week was rough. I broke down on Thursday for the first time but I got through it. This is by far the most exhausting draining tiring thing I have ever done in my whole life. Spiritually, emotionally, and physically. This is the farthest thing from easy, but I can say that within this first week and a half, I can easily say, this is the best decision I have made in my life thus far. I would encourage anyone reading this to sincerely pray about serving a mission because within nine days and my testimony of this gospel, of my Heavenly Father, and of Jesus Christ has never been so strong. Like wow. This work is incredible. I feel my heavenly father's love and comfort constantly, and I really do believe angels are walking these halls. I feel so grateful and so blessed.

Kay now, last Sunday we heard from Elder Godoy of the seventy and his talk was AMAZING. just fabulous, I really enjoyed it. and I listened to Character of Chirst by elder Bednard that night. It is the best talk I have ever heard so I forwarded it to you. (for some reason its unavalible to the outside world...wierd huh...) 

The past week We have been teaching an investigator in ONLY Tagalog. NO English or notes in the appts. at ALL. So...there have been some pretty interesting things we told him he had to die to be baptized and we may or may not kill him. try to get out of THAT one. 

Or maybe the time Sis J told him she wasn't married because she was a book....or how about the time I was saying the opening prayer and forgot his name. 

We were constantly laughing. 

Well It turned out about Wednesday we found out our "investigator" was our other teacher.


 Now he knows exactly how good we really are. lololol That day he told me and sis j that he looked forward to our lessons the most (not only cuz the funny stuff we said but also cuz the spirit was there) and then he specifically pointed me out and said his favorite line out of everyone's lessons was something I had said and he was crying laughing and that it was so funny he went home and told his roommates. The ironic part was it was something I had said in English. (are you proud dad??) 

But in all seriousness the language is coming along SO WELL. I really am learning SO MUCH. Its incredible!!

Now for some Random's and funnies:

-I love my district & we are all going to Baguio.

-gym time=THE BEST TIME

-the food here is gross. (so yes Cafe Rio... I WOULD DIE PLEASE ANYTHING)

-I can successfully do laundry.

-starting a trend here with "totes approps" and "totes inapprops" BOO YA! (don't worry all my clothes are on the up and up)

-All the elders also dip their pizza crust in rootbeer now too. who know it was that good?

- oh and yeah, we are called up randomly to give a talk on Sunday IN TAGOLOG. WHAAA)

-I live for p days.

-haven't seen Natalie

-still no headaches


- I LOVE hearing from you all. I hope I answered all your questions mom. 

Welp, thats all I got for ya'll today. Have a great week. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH 
sister golightly

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