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What an Amazing Week! November 9, 2013


Oh my goodness. What an amazing week. I feel so humbled and blessed to be serving as a representative of Jesus Christ. My heart is SO full (as cheesy as that sounds). It has been such a good week! Here it feels like the days are years and the weeks are minutes! Time is FLYING! I can't believe its only been two weeks because I feel like I have been here my whole life yet, its been like two weeks...hahah

 Me and Sis J went to the temple this morning around 6:30 a.m. to do initiatories and every time I go I think of you momma! It is the most peaceful place ever and I like going in the morning best because I can't fall asleep, I think I am most awake at that time! 

I am very blessed to have Siser J as my Kasama.  She is great and we work so great together and study hard.  I really do love her.  

The spiritual growth here is seriously unreal.  My knowledge has grown so much and I have never felt so close and comforted by my Heavenly Father.  What an amazing experience this is!!

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR ALL THE DEAR ELDERS!!! They literally make my day. Seriously they are the best. Soo does Tanner miss me yet? Orrrrr does he know I'm gone?...cuz..I haven't even heard a word about that guy...oh and tell Conner I miss him too. SO MUCH. 

This Tuesday we had a beautiful devotional from Elder Zwick of the seventy and his wife. They gave beautiful talks!  I really can't wait for this Tuesday when we hear from...wait for it...please someone do a drumroll...ELDER L. TOM PERRY!!! MAGSABI ANO?!?!?! SAY WHAAAA?!?!  So excited. Devotional nights are my favorite. 

So, I am SO JEALOUS of that weather! Its freaking ZERO degrees here! I do wear those tights and I wish I had brought boots! We had the first snowfall earlier this week but it didn't stick (answered prayer) Like don't get me wrong it was so pretty to watch it fall but I have got that Arizona blood now. I made the decision in that moment I am never leaving Arizona again. ever. (it also means I can't WAIT to get to the Philippines already!!!) 

The language is seriously coming along so well!! I'm fluent. HA! jkjk. We are really working hard at it and its totally clicking and making sense! Which is the best feeling ever! We are so good we gave our investigator a pamphlet in Cebuano..WE DON'T EVEN SPEAK CEBUANO. We thought it was Tagalog..which was totally funny cuz I was confused, sister Jackson was confused, our investigator was REALLY confused...hahaha but our next lesson the next day was ON POINT. Like we totally nailed it. *happy dance* we were so proud. seriously tho every night before I fall asleep I just have Tagalog words running through my head, and in the shower, and in class, really all day long actually...

*Word of the day* nagsisipagsisinungasinungalinyah* Yes, that is totally one word. Try saying that ten times fast. (I forget what it means tho, I think something about telling fake no I won't be using it but it sounds legit) 

So um daylight savings is the best invention ever. Like the guy who thought of that was a G-E-N-I-O-U-S!!!! (That has been the best part of Utah yet.)

Ok now time for that random stuff.

-The food here is slowly killing kasama and I.

-Emily's dear elders make me LOL like LOUD. LUV DEM. Mom, yours are really feel good. Totes appresh. (appreciate) Honestly, they make me so happy. 

-Erin don't get attached to that phone. its satanic. jk. but really tho.

-Mail pick up is at 11:45 am and 4:45 pm

-Me and Kasama met the guy from "the district". Nbd. He's just Mormon famous whatevs. I was the creep you hear about that was all hey can we get a picture with you? It happened.
Here is the picture-he is a previous missionary- who starred in "the District"  (reality TV show on BYU-TV)

-You'd be surprised how much 'the best two years' is quoted here.

-I am having serious withdrawals from the sun. Its bad.

-I have sung 'Called to Serve' more here in the past two and a half weeks than I have my entire 19 years of existence.

            Our Sister Training Leaders-they left the MTC this week.  They were great!

-When I "go into the field" its like figuratively and literally...think about that...oh and yeah mom, I heard there was a typhoon in Baguio??? Thats about it tho, we didn't hear much else.

-Keep sending dear elders I love them.

-Highlight:I met the @mormonprobs guy from twitter. Not only did he know me HE KNEW MY NAME! And no, its not cuz I was wearing a name tag hahaha like WHA?! He's twitter famous and he knew me. It doesn't get better than that. (jk there is a lot of things better than that, I just thought its was funny I met him)

-Funniest thing: Sister S(roomie) was talking to her investigator and when he asked her how she knew prayer worked she told him, "because he writes me." (yeah, like letters) HAHAHA 

Well, missionary life is going swimmingly.

But seriously this is the best. I love it. The gospel is SO true, every single word of it.

sister golightly

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