Saturday, November 30, 2013

What an incredible week... November 23, 2013

Well, this week was one for the books.

WHAT AN INCREDIBLE WEEK.  Ah every second.

I feel soo blessed.

Sunday we had a devotional  which was totally inspiring to me I wish I could just photocopy all my notes and send them to you. I don't remember her first name, but Sister Rogers was all I could write down. She was literally like a Mormon Ellen DeGeneres...So funny but so spiritual. 

On Sunday during relief society my kasama and I were all talking in tagalog ect. cuz you know thats what we do and the girl behind us asked where we were going. We looked at her name tag and HER DAD IS OUR MISSION PRESIDENT! How coincidental is that?!? So crazy! So we talked to her for a little bit, she was sweeter than sweet, and then we took a picture with her so when we get to the pines we can show her parents.

Sunday night we watched Legacy....and everyone was laughing....SOMEONE TELL ME WHATS SO FUNNY ABOUT THIS HEARTFELT CHEESY MOVIE!!! Elders are so 18!! they are all hootin when Eliza and that guy kiss. Like it was such a tender moment. I didn't see what was so funny. Alas, everyone laughed through the whole thing. Maybe I just felt so connected cuz I watched it throughout my childhood...yep I bet thats it...

We read an article Monday that was in Deseret news (I think from this past week, but you should definitely try to get a hold of it and read it if you can) 

It was about the sister missionaries in the Philippines and what happened to them when the typhoon hit. The lord truly watched over his missionaries. In such a devastating disaster...every single missionary was accounted for after the hurricane hit. Anyways try to find it if you can and read it! & Pray for the people in the Philippines they need our prayers. I don't even know the people there yet, but my heart breaks for them. I feel like I have so much love for them already.

Tuesday devotional we heard from Elder Audukatis and his wife. Beautiful talks, and I especially loved what she said because I felt like it applied to me specifically. She talked about the spirit of the gospel being optimistic. But then she was totally realistic about it saying, "if you have a 'bad' day, just keep quite, and smile because the day will pass". But I also think there really are no "bad" days, only hard days. When I was reading in my scriptures the other day (well everyday, so really it can be any day you want it to be) I had written by that one scripture "cheer up your hearts for I have over come the world" (I don't remember what that scripture was) but I had written "If we are close to God, a trial=an opportunity". I truly believe this with all my heart. I know the Lord is so aware of all of us individually. 

This week on Wed we got to host for the new missionaries coming in. (show them where there classrooms are, the residence, and books, ect.) Coolest. Thing. Ever. I loved it. I loved just standing on the side and watching the missionaries say goodbye to their families for two yrs/18 months...It was so touching. I teared up a little haha Missionary work is the best! Ah! Both sister missionaries I hosted were SO sweet! One was from Samoa and she got out of the car, came over to me and gave a big kiss on the cheek! hahah I was like Oh hi! hahaha She was too cute!! She told me she was going to Boise, Idaho and I told her she was going to LOVE it! The whole time we were standing there on the sidewalk and walking missionaries places it was pouring rain! and so cold!! But I seriously loved it. I looked for Bonner but figured he was bused over to west campus because he is Spanish speaking. Thennn PLOT TWIST, I am at lunch getting some ketchup minding my own buisness and then I hear a faint "sista golightly" (I said that in my head in a British accent, but no it was not in a british accent) and then I looked up and it was Bonner!!! hahah it was so great to see him. I saw Marissa on Thursday (Micaiah's older siter) and that was awesome! We got to talk for a little bit. Anyways, I did get to see the Mcdowells and that was so fun!

Thursday I spent the majority over the toilet. Priesthood blessings work. Priesthood is real. don't worry, I AM SO GREAT NOW!

Alright now to the exciting part: Friday...
One  week from Monday  we will be flying to the Philippines!!! First to Detroit and then straight to Manila (yeah calculate that, its a long plane ride)
I am SO stoked I wish I could express in words.

We celebrated (the roomies and I) by having a little "party party" (say in Filipino accent) hung streamers, balloons, candy, etc, it seriously was the best time. Plus it was p-day eve which made it even better. I feel so blessed to be having this experience. I honestly have the best roommates ever, I love them so much. We are all best friends and it will be so hard to leave them. Our whole district really is like a family. 
Welp, I love you all more than anything in the whole world.
Alam ko po na totoo po ang simbihan.
Alam ko po na totoo po ang ebanghelyo.
Alam ko po na salita ng Diyos ang Aklat ni Mormon.
Alam ko po na mahal po tayo ng diyos.
alam ko po na sa pamamagitan ng kapangyarihan ng espirito santo, maradama natin ang pagmamahal ng Diyos.

This gospel is so true.
The Lord is SO aware of all of us individually.


Love, sis goooooo

Never sing "its rainin men halleluah" at the mtc. Even if its pouring and thats the first song that pops into your head.

Roomie fhe & Tuesday night talk circles are what I live for. jk joikelang but they are great.

Patience is a virtue. for reals.

I am going to the Philippines in a week. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

1- don't have one yet i will get that to you next week
2- yes please and foils and bowl and double sided brush

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