Wednesday, December 4, 2013

P-Day is a Holiday here!


P-day is a holiday here. It truly is. You see people in regular clothes and all the sudden you can't help but say "happy p-day". The temple was closed today so we didn't get to go through but our district still went on a temple walk and met up with our teacher Brother Cohen. And the weather today was BEAUTIFUL! OK, now to my week...

First off, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGES! OH MY GOODNESS THEY WERE HEAVEN. I seriously appreciated it SO much!! I LOVE IT. Best part of my week. I now have about two thousand Hersey kisses...probably enough to last me my whole mission so thank you!!! (Oh, and my sweet sweet Jessie, those cuties were the best thing I ever tasted in my life. I literally savor them. and thank you so much for bringing my Cafe Rio! It was kinda dumb tho cuz all I got was a slip saying someone dropped off Cafe Rio and the MTC threw it away, cuz apparently its against I never got to eat it...but its the thought that counted! I imagine it tasted like the best thing of my life!) I can't wait for airport food. ah.

What is your all's home numbas?! I only remember the house phone so I guess I will just start there. I will probably be able to call twice, at Detroit and at Salt Lake...and I'm guessing they will let us email or call or something once we get to the ppines. I CAN'T WAIT TO TALK TO YOU ALL!!!! (well ...i guess who ever is mom you lucked out, you will for sure talk to me. *happy dance*) We leave the MTC at 3:30 a.m. in the morning! Good thing I still have one more DC!  


Sister J, Brother Cohen, Brookee

My teacher Brother Cohen gave me the best advice a couple days ago. After our lesson with "Kenneth" (bro c) we asked what is the best advice about the Philippines he could give us. He was just saying to totally, fully embrace the culture and love the people and you will love your mission so much more. He said to just try everything, take it all in, and have no regrets. Most importantly though, he told us to teach with power. He said to make sure the people feel your love for them and bear testimony so that they know you know its true.  I loved that!
Sister J, Brother T , Brookee

 Yesterday we had in field orientation...and it was all. day. long. literally. like so long....... But one cool story, one of the teachers said he served in Korea and he said before his mission he didn't want to go to an Asian country at all, it was the last place he wanted to go. One of the main reasons being, that he was the pickiest eater ever. He said he prayed every morning and night to learn to love the food and then finally one happened. He said that was the first biggest miracle he ever experienced on his mission. You betta believe I started praying in that moment and every prayer since to like the food. lol. I have faith.

Thursday was turkey day! 
and it started with a devotional by Elder Russel M. Nelson and his wife. They both gave great talks, mostly about converts and how to be the best missionaries possible. Afterwards we had lunch (turkey, potatoes, stuffing, rolls) and so I ate the roll and potatoes hahah it wasn't that bad tho. 

~Sister J and Brookee~

After that we had a huge service project that was SO cool! It was pretty much an assembly line to package food for starving total  all the missionaries made 350,000 meals for kids. How cool is that?! I loved it! 

Afterwards we had a district sack dinner. That night all the missionaries watched Ephraim s Rescue, which was totally a good movie. Kinda cheesy, but I liked it..then again I have a love for pioneer movies and such. 

~Brook's district~

Overall, it was a pretty great week! So bittersweet! I have loved being here at the MTC and building my own "spiritual reservoir", I know I can pull from when times get hard. 

In Relief Society last week, one of the sisters that spoke said, "Its one thing to talk or hear about a mission, but its another to experience one". This week I have been so incredibly grateful for this opportunity to serve and SO thankful that I chose to do this. I'm so grateful to my Heavenly Father. In just the past six weeks, I feel like my testimony has never grown stronger. I know Heavenly Father is aware of all of us individually. I love my Savior. This gospel is awesome. Like I love it so much. Ah. totoo po ang simbahan. the church is true.

I LOVE YOU ALL TO THE MOON AND BACK! work harder, sleep less, remember the alimo! (Trust me dad, I have never worked harder or slept less ever ;) So I remember it on the daily.)


Love, sista goooooooo

P.S. The primary sent all those Thanksgiving and Christmas cards. like holy cute. how sweet. and Conner, you cracked me up little man. I totes loled!

P.S.S. Where did Tanner and Conner go? Why haven't I heard from them? Do I sound needy? I have been told I'm needy. Not here though.

psss.. I decided this morning to try to color my hair. Surprise it worked. Surprise... the entire time all I could think about for an hour and a half was, "Where is Erin?  I wish Erin was here. dang this was a lot easier with Erin.  I wonder what Erin is doing right now?  I bet Erin would do this for me. This was a lot easier with that girl.  I bet she wouldn't even mind flying down here."


~Sister J, Brookee, and roommates~

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