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December 22, 2013- Its beginning to look alot like Christmas...kinda...well not really

 Well Hello Pamilya!

 I see you did not email me this week...........awk...........hahahah All is well, except that you might have forgotten me and that kinda is sad..,..hahahaha but i still love you all.

this week has been GREAT. What a great week. (that is why I am overlooking your not writing me because ya know..stuff like that happens. ;) ) 

Quick side note from the family.....
***WE DID WRITE HER!!!  SHE JUST HADN'T SEEN THE EMAIL YET!!  We did/do write her!!!  :)*****

Today on the way to the internet cafe the jeepnee driver was totes texting and WUT. are you doing. lol I didn't say anything tho because...I don't think he spoke english and I didn't want to cause a scene ya know? I have Christ's name next to mine. So I just overlooked the fact I might have died. LOL JUST JOKING. I wouldn't have died. But we drove past a little shack that always blasts american music and I just died haha I miss that music *gasp, is that allowed?* And Emily I thought of you. Cuz that was our kitchen music haha Speaking of songs..

The songs Filipinos have sung to me this week as we walked by:

 "Its a love story baby"

 "Just say yes"

 "Beautiful girls all over the world"

 "Amazing", by bruno mars. 

I just cracked up and after me and Sister Spujt had a good laugh. Filipinos LOVE their karaoke  -  it is NOT a joke here. hahah like there are karaoke bars on every corner. They love and I mean love Katy Perry.  I probably hear "Roar" like ten times a day. haha 

So family, when you hear "Roar" don't think of me.....HA reverse psychology.  It works. basta. 

Mom, the other day we were in a lesson/dinner appt with a less active and down the street they started blasting...wait for it...CHICAGO!!! It was even the part "I am a man that will fight for your honor" so that was in my head the rest of the night haha anywayssssss...

Tuesday we had the quad zone Christmas conference which was way fun. That morning we had a devotional. They told us they have a binder for allll the less actives that they "lost" in the Philippines, and our job was to go and find them. Guess who's ward has the most names outta all the zones? Mine, San Fernando. haha we have about 700 something so it will be like a treasure hunt because no one knows where they live etc. they just aren't on the ward records anymore sooo they shall be inactive no longer, cuz, we gone fine you. (em and erin i hope you understand that) 

Afterwards we had a big lunch and did our 100 peso gift exchange. that was fun (i got a transformer...hahaha but its fine cuz i gave a spider-man glow in the dark camera...who wouldn't want that...) Then we watched the movie Marshall. Way good movie. I seriously love our mission pres and his wife they are the NICEST kindest people ah i love them. It was a great day.

Wednesday was the ward Christmas party...those are so fun here...haha Like I legitimately looked forward to it. We all just talked and there is of course a talent part and games and food. A little boy we teach who is 8 (his name is Steven) came up to us and turned to sister spjut and said quitely, "Ano nakakita siya??..." which means,  "what does she see?" and sister spjut just kinda looked at him and started laughing and he said it again and she said, "she sees what you see!" haha He thought because my eyes were blue I saw everything differently. It totally confused him and he didn't understand. Like he thought everything I saw was BLUE! hahahah I laughed so much when I tried to explain to him that i saw everything normal like he did.

My Tagalog is getting better and I am understanding more what people say. Probably up to 35% of conversational Tagalog I understand and then probably 50-60% of lessons and gospel related Tagalog I understand. Not too shabby. haha I am working hard.

Beginning of the week was slow and we spend a lot of it doing preach by the ways because it is a preach by the way mission and a lot of our lessons fell through because they said they were busy. but towards the end of the week we were able to teach more and meet more less actives so that was great.

One of the lessons we taught to an investigator Elisa. Mid 40s and we had just finished teaching the restoration.  After the closing prayer, she just started crying and telling is how happy she felt and how happy she was that we came to teach her. She said she felt like we were so genuine and we really cared and that felt SO good to know she felt the spirit. There is no better feeling than that. Seeing how the gospel touches people. Teaching the restoration always brings the spirit and I LOVE testifying of the truthfulness of the restoration. Like can I just reiterate one more time how much I LOVE being a missionary. This work is AMAZING. This gospel is so true.

Yesterday was great because. 1.) 4 LESS ACTIVES CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!!!! Best day ever! Seeing them there was ahhh so awesome. One of them, Elvin, is 18 and came to church for the first time in a long time and has even invited us over to teach him every night since we met him! score! and then we had a FULL afternoon of appts. and then I didn't have a headache at all yesterday, I experienced my first rainfall, and then I looked down and found 25 cents on the ground. it was honestly such a great day. 

It doesn't really feel a ton like Christmas time here, except at night when the kids go around and sing Christmas carols (for money but still. if you never go outside and pay them they just keep singing so why would you go outside and pay them if they are just going to leave after hahaha plus we aren't aloud to pay them anyways haha) 

I am still so grateful for this season and the opportunity to be a missionary and a representative of Christ. I love my Savior and I feel SO blessed to be here in the Philippines. MERRY CHRISTMAS FAMILY I LOVE YOU ALL MORE THAN ANYTHING!!!

Love, sis go


~Brook with a lamb~
"don't worry...I only thought about touching it..."

 ~the Ppines~


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