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December 29, 2013- - - - - - "The Work is Picking up!"

~Our christmas tree and gifts,,,way cute right?!~

The work is picking up! We just got back from Sisters' conference for our zone. Me and sister spjut had to give a workshop for it...about cleaning your apartment....I wonder if it was inspired or if they are trying to tell us something....JOKES I am super clean. Cuz I have to be,,,I don't want bugs!! haha

This week was great. The BEST part was getting to talk to you. I could not have asked for a better Christmas present. I love you all more than I can even put in words! I love your emails more than I can even say. I hang on every word. Literally. haha After skype I totally started crying, and then looked like a freak as I walked to the guy at the desk to pay for my computer time..and then walking out of csi...and then getting a smoothie...and with the language barriers there telling her i don't want jelly things and she was trying to speak English I didn't understand...hahah anyways it was rough. totally irrelevant hahah

Anyways Christmas was way fun! It was good! We walked a lot...a lot...and that night we did a cute little gift exchange. Filipinos normally open Christmas on Christmas eve at midnight and then eat a huge feast so on Christmas day so when we would stop by, everyone was asleep...hahah and then eventually, because we wouldn't leave, they would reluctantly come to the door. We got to visit my favorite family the F. family and they got us pizza so that made it soooooo great. (ham and pineapple which is gross but it tasted good..that doesn't make sense) But it was a good day.

Most of our lessons we are teaching less actives. I feel like our whole ward is less active haha BUT on Sunday it was a b-e-a-utiful day, 6 CAME TO CHURCH! Like there is nothing better than seeing those people. Especially when they haven't come for YEARS. Sunday so many people were at church it was amazing!!! It was awesome!!!

 Its so funny tho cuz reverence is not a word here. there is no such thing, so all the kids are in the back running around playing and then some moms are running around after them.....i was laughing. 

Pres Balledos and his wife came and he gave a great talk. Sundays are seriously my favorite. (btdubbs mom, get on my fb and accept my friend request cuz i know ... and ... have some pics on there you can see :)) 

One really funny lesson we taught...(this one is for you mom and dad just cuz i think you might think its funny) so we were teaching this lesson right.   Its a mom and her daughter, like 1 year old tiny baby, and then this guy comes out. we assume its the dad cuz they are both the same age. they looked like a cute little family. so we ask if we can share the message and its  p 1&2 about how the gospel blesses families. and we are assuming right, so we ask things like how important is your family to you? how would you feel if you can be with them forever? directing it all on them being together forever. and then we found out a week later He is gay. hahahahah they weren't even married. (there are sooo many gay guys here let me tell you hahahah) so i found out and just laughed so much. awkkkkkkkkkkk lesson.

Now for the most spiritual experience here yet. (mom you will appreciate this) We taught the F. fam on Friday night. Sister J. (the mom) was preparing to take out her endowments the next day on Saturday (the dad, bro j. is the investigator, not a member yet) and so we taught about the temple. I got SO EMOTIONAL. I love the temple so much I didn't even realize! While we were teaching, the spirit was so strong and I just felt so happy and so blessed and so happy for HER because of what she was doing. She was crying and I know brother j. felt the spirit while we were talking. I am so thankful families can be together forever. what a blessing. I love you all! 
(on Sunday we asked her about it and she said it was the most amazing thing ever and she wanted to go back today hahah. they only plan trips once a year)

I finished the bom, (Book of Mormon), this week. THAT BOOK IS AMAZING. Can I tell you. Oh my goodness, I love it so much.

Felsnap is a beautiful thing.

I love you all more than ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!! 2014 WHA WHAAAAAAA?!?!?
Mahal kita!
Love, sista goooooooo

~this is at the plazaaaaa.
(btw the tree picture,...we got it out of the street lol and just taped it to the wall)~

~President Balledos and his wife~

~They are the cutest. The one on the right is Steven and his sister is Alex. we are teaching them.  THEY ARE THE CUTEST! Steven is the one that asked if i saw what he saw because my eyes were blue. He was soooo confused. He had never seen blue eyes before and thought my world was blue! hahaha~

~this is how we preach on the way home. on the trikes. hahaha yesterday night was just way funny, so we had to take a picture. its soooooo loud, so we have to yell everything. normally its just the person closest to the guy on the tryke that talks and the other just sits and nods like they can hear everything! lol~

~ this is how we drink this is sister m. she is hilarious! hahaha she went on a mission and works with us a lot. absolutely love her, and her parents. they are HILARIOUS. her dad will just sit with us on the porch with everyone and yesterday he was singing celine dion song from titanic because thats what he was watching and he just sings his heart out...sooo funnyyyy and then he will just talk and talk and talk and talk and we just sit there and nod and occasionally say grabbi or opo....hahah ~ 

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