Tuesday, January 21, 2014

"I Need to Think of a New Adj. Cause Great is Getting So Old!"

~Brookee with her companion~

HEY HEY HEY!! Sooooo, let me start with, I AM SO JEALOUS YOU ALL GOT TO GO TO THE TEMPLE! What a great experience!! I seriously want to go so bad. I am craving a temple sesh. (wrong wording...idk lol) Anyways, look at you missionaries you! share the gospel! There is nothing better than seeing how the gospel blesses families! 

Next, I GOT THE PACKAGE! it was better than Christmas! SOO amazing! The sisters in our appt. loved it too ;) haha and that shirt tho...who picked that out? Too cute! you all are the best! When we where at the office and they brought it out, I teared up looking at dad's handwriting. (it may have also been cuz i was very pmsy) but never the less, it was great. haha And tanner, your letter tho, I laughed for a year. TOO FUNNY. I just love your emails they are the best. Erin, I hope you and your feet are doing better!  I love you! Conner,I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING!! Keep being so cute!!

~Brook  with elders and sisters~

Sooo this week was great. I need to think of another adj. cuz great is getting so old. But really, it was a way good week. 

Monday was p-day and we just did the ush (usual), Grocery shopping, emailing, visited with the other missionaries at CSI (its like a party in the internet cafe on p days cuz every one is emailing)!

 That night the senior missionary couple, in the ward, the Dinkles, had us 4 sisters over for dinner. Lasagna, garlic bread, watermelon (water-mellon inside a watermelon...) like how nice are they?! And then they pull out the cinnamon rolls and ice-cream! Like Im getting fat!!! People feed us WAY to much here. hahah

 That night the f. fam texted and asked what we wanted to eat for lunch the next day. Of course we said we would love anything! So the next day when we went over to their house for lunch, they had been cooking alll morning and made our favorites. TOO NICE. WHYYY are people so nice. like stop. Sister F said she even went to the internet cafe to look for an american pasta recipe because she wanted us to eat something from home. She goes "we just wanted you to feel like you were at home away from home" Like stop. I teared. hahah Not to mention it was the best chicken adobo and potatoes I have ever had, so that was reason to tear up in its self. Such great people.

~Brook with Sister S~

After lunch we met up with Sister T and Sister P because Sister p was going home. She finished her 18 months! It was so sad to say goodbye to her! 

Sister Taliaivoa worked with us the rest of the week! That was wayyy fun! she is a great missionary. The first lesson we went to was in her area. 

Can I just tell you about her? Her name is sister Maria, and the second I met her I have never been so inspired! She can't walk, can't read, can't really talk, BUT she can pray. She can understand perfectly when you speak to her but her speech is very slurred so its extremely difficult to understand what she is saying. 

She was SO happy when we got there, her face lit up. She squats (that is the only position she can be in) on a pillow case so she can scout across her one room little house (...hut) and she was wearing this cute little Hawaiian looking dress. She was holding a stick in her one finger so she could hold the straps up. Her hands aren't developed and she can't bend her arms all the way, so the stick helps her keep her dress on.

 Maria is in her 50's but it was so cool to meet her and talk with her and at the end of the lesson she gave the prayer. It was so sweet and the spirit was there so strong. I feel so grateful I was able to meet her. 

After that lesson, we were able to meet another of their investigators. He was totallllyyy ganster. Like, legit...he really was...haha he was in a gang. He talked A LOT and told us his whole story. He grew up in Cali and at 17 he shot someone so he was in jail for 32 yrs.....and thats when he found Jesus! hahaha but really. and after he got out of jail he got deported back to the pines and now he has a beautiful family and is devoted "to be a slave to Jesus".....yeah........I thought you might find that story interesting. lol. 

~Brookee at the mission presidents home~

Wednesday was our first transfer awareness. No worries everyone, I am not transfering, I am staying with Sis spjut for anotha 6 weeks! So thats great. 

Our lesson that day was with Sister Maria (The one from last week, me and Sis Spjet's investigator) and let me tell you NOTHING IS BETTER THAN WHEN YOUR INVESTIGATOR TELLS YOU SHE KEPT HER COMMITMENT. She read the book of Mormon!!! all the way to 1 Nephi!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!!! It was a 
b-e-a-uitful day. But really though, she was able to see how it helped her and blessed her life already so it really doesn't get better than that.

Since Sis S is in charge of pictures for the blog,  we got to help on Thursday with all the new incoming missionaries. It was way fun, we got to help with the proselyting activities, go the president's house by the beach etc. 

Friday was transfer day and we got to go to that as well to speak at trainers training. We also brought home our new house mate, Sister Campos. She is so sweet. We now have a new D.L. , Elder Mortell, he is way legit, and a lot of new people in the zone. 

Saturday we found a lady named Rosalili. WE felt really prompted that we should go talk to her. We did and she was very nice and receptive and listened and also told us about herself. She had amnesia and forgot everything, like literally, everything and everyone, but just told us how she felt blessed God didn't let her die and when we pulled out the Book of Mormon, she remembered it and said she had one...she got it and it turned out the missionaries had taught her 6 years ago, but after she had her accident, they stopped because she couldn't progress. and now we get to teach her! how awesome! 

Sunday I got to speak in church....hahaha so that was good....anyways life is great. sorry this wasn't a very exciting email. 

Missionary work is the best. I love being a missionary more than anything. and I am SO thankful for you all!

love, sister go

~Brookee with sister missionaries~

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