Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014 This week has been Great!

Brookee in front of their "Cute house" 

Mother and Father. Why is our house falling apart? hahahah I'm sorry about the water heater. That is all so great about the temple, it is so fun to hear! It will be absolutely gorgeous I have no doubt. That is so great tho you are having those experiences there! Oh, and seriously your all's emails make my LIFE. They are the best! (sons of provo moment mom. I leaned over to tell you but..yeah anyways.)

We were in R.S.  on Sunday and the teacher was talking to the convert that just got baptized YESTERDAY. and goes "Now, I don't want you to feel like an outsider. Even though you were and you might still feel like an outsider don't. because you are not an outsider. Do you feel like an outsider?" HAHAHAHA i DIED!)

This week has been great! Heavenly Father blessed me, I was only sick for...well I still am, but it has gotten wayyyy better. Honestly, I just love missionary work. Like, it is SO hard, I will not even lie. It is so hard and it is so hard for me, but I have grown so much and I feel my Savior give me strength every single day. Ah being a missionary is the best. 

Today Sister Jackson asked me what I loved most about missionary life. Honestly, there are so many things. I NEVER thought I would do this, that I would be here, in the PINES of all places, as a "sister missionary" and now I can't think of anything in the world I would love more. I love having the opportunity to share the gospel with people. Every time we give the first lesson or any lesson, my testimony is strengthened every time.

Earlier this week we were walking down this street that we walk down every single day and pass by these same people, every single day, and on Wednesday we had been praying all day soo much that we would be able to find new investigators because the work has been getting slower. We felt prompted to go back and talk to these 2 ladies and another man. Well one of the ladies listened and "said" she would read the Book of Mormon (normally it doesn't really happen. "sorry seesters. next time na lang sisters, kasi busy seesters") and last night when we went back, she came up to us gave us a kiss on the cheek and said she had read the b.o.m. every night before bed. THAT was the greatest ever. We walked away thinking WHAT just happened. Was that real life? Like there is no better feeling!!!

Last night we were able to teach the F. family again. EVERY TIME I swear, I cry! Who am I!?! hahaha we were talking about the b.o.m. and after we bore testimony, Sister Joyce leaned over to her husband and just says "I know. They wouldn't be here and come all the way here to tell you a lie (other side of heaven reference) and they would not come to this exotic place to tell you these things if they were not true". I just felt my heart almost burst! haha Really though, 'A Missionary: Someone who leaves their family for a short time, so others can be with their families for eternity'. TRUTH. I love this gospel so much. I love it ahhh more than I can even describe and nothing makes me happier than getting to share it with people.

Kay now for some other stuff:

-Earlier this week we got to have dinner at the beach resort again. Best food ever. It was so beautiful you can just hear the waves. 

-We got to be members of the ward choir for ward conference was just us. just the missionaries.......and we sounded.......well yeah. 

-Funniest thing when you pass by someone we say "Hello po!" and they respond with " Ahhhh, you speak Tagalog." HAHAHA yes, yes we do. Fluently! We also know buh bye po!

-Members here are WAY. TOO. NICE. We get fed like everyday. Sometimes two dinner appts. a night. and lunch appts. AHH mom, I am seriously gaining so much weight. it is stressing me out. Em, can you send me some pinterest 20 min. workouts? 

Here are the questions I answered from the Dear elders:
-Do you live with other sisters? Sister Taliavoa and      Sister Pernina
-Do you get to teach often? About 3 lessons a day
-Do you sing in Tagalog or English? English. Always.

Kay, well thats all I have time for today folks. LOVE YOU ALL MORE THAN ANYTHING.


Sista Go
pss i live with an Australian and she goes,
 "no worries mahn" lololol too great.

Brookee and Sister Taliaivao 

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