Monday, January 6, 2014

January 5, 2014 "So this week was a week of firsts!"


So guess what? We were leaving the apartment and I forgot my planner. do you know what was in my planner? All the notes i took of things I was going to email you all about. SOoooo this should be good. hahah 

Oh, also, I got all of your dear elders! They were the bomb diggity. Like literally I loved them sooo much!!! And every question that was asked, i wrote down and answered.....but they are in my next week!! 

(But tanner, I do remember some of, we don't live in a hut. <3 ) (oh and Emily, dad only said 3 dear elders a week? Emily. 7. Shall you not go on, is so great a cause?) Oh, and mom that is great great about your ring! Dad, way to bishop! ;) hahaha you all are the best. p.s. i wrote you all letters so you all should be getting like 2 to 3 weeks! 

Sooo this week was a week of firsts!

-First time riding on the outside of a tryke, instead of the inside. Pretty much you sit side saddle on the back of the motorcylce and hold on for dear life. hahahah so much fun. I do it quite often now.

-First time extending an ibd! and they said yes! (wow that sounds like a wedding proposal or something) It was our investigator family, the Yaptancos. Only three were there tho. But the 3 said yes! the spirit was so strong.

-First time Sister Spjut and I extended an ibd on the first lesson. Kay, this is actually a cool story, So Thursday we were having weekly planning and focused a lot on ibd dates and extending ibds on the first lesson. We also were praying for new investigators. so that night we had our lesson with Steven. we have been teaching Steven for 3 weeks now (the 8 year old, he was in the picture from last week) and we never met his dad only his mom and we didn't know they weren't members we just thought they were less actives. and so when we went to teach him this week, his dad was there and we got to meet him. We shared the first lesson and at the end were talking about covenants we make to help return to our Heavenly Father. So, Sis Spujt was saying something like "This is the first covenant we need to make..baptism is essential." and he just says, "sige, kailan?" Which means, "OK. When?" Like Whaaaa?! Coolest thing ever. The spirit was there so strongly, it was amazing! 

-So here is a random thought...

Ya know what my favorite part of the day is? 
When we say prayers. Prayers are just my favorite. 

1st- because I love talking to my heavenly father. 

2nd- because I LOVE hearing investigators give prayers out loud because they are so sincere. 

Lastly because I get to close my eyes for a while and it is totally acceptable. 

-Ya know what else I love? Macdo. There are so many great things about Macdo here.

1. its like the nicest restaurant here. like 5 stars fo sho.

2. they don't have lines in the pines, just big clumps and groups of people by the checkout. so when we walk in, they turn around and all the sudden... the seas part. I give all the credit to the name tag.

3. costumer service, id give it two thumbs up.

4. When we eat...I feel like Brittany Spears or something...papa paparazzi...

5. After you are done you just leave it. right on the table. and they clean it all up. (actually now that i think about it that happens in america too.)

6. It tastes like america. i love america.

-Guess what? WE MOVED INTO THE NEW APARTMENT FINALLY!!! It was the best day ever. Mom and dad, you would die, it is so cute. hahaha I will take pictures this week and send them too you. We got there and everything was still wrapped the fridge was still in the box and nothing was set up, so the zone leaders had to call some elders to come help and they set it all up while we went and shopped for house supplies. Curtains, soap, etc. I felt like I was on house hunters international or something. it was totes a TLC show. 

The outside of the house is Peach and teal...hahaha its adorable. The kitchen and living room is peach, Sister Taliaivao and Sister Penina's room is bright blue and ours is Bright..bright bright..lime green...hahaha its very....bright.....and the tile is like dark hunter hurts your eyes after a while in there, so its good we only have to sleep there...yeah. and the c.r. is soo nice! it has a nice shower head, AND a toilet that flushes!!! anyways, but we all love it. Its so cute. and its SO nice to be closer to the area. (AND we have a roof. that we can go on. thats way legit.)

-I got to be companions with sister Jackson on Friday because of leadership training so that was way fun! We went to her area and got to teach a lot of lessons.
-Can I just take a moment and talk about how much I LOVE my comp. she is the greatest. I have learned so much from her. I just feel so blessed to have her as my trainer.

-I honestly am drawing a blank. Like there is nothing going on in my head right now. 

-Ahhhhh i'm trying so hard to think of things that happened this week, SOO much happened. so much happens every week but it all kind of blurs together and so i forget what happened when...

-Dad, I tried dragon fruit...and it was....bitter. hahah its super weird.

Well, I love you all more than anything! Remember to read your scriptures everyday! and do family scripture study! There is so much power in that. The Book of Mormon is the most amazing book. I look forward to reading it every day. I have such a strong testimony of it, and I know without a doubt it is true. I just love you all soooo much! Keep it real! 

Mahal Kita!!!!
sister golightly

ps i will email next week more things that i forgot this week.

pss. Erin. can someone go check her? when was the last time anyone heard from her. I'M VERY CONCERNED. I think she died. If anyone sees her..tell her i love her and i miss her and i have no idea whats going on in her life because she won't let me in...just wanted her to let me in......i hope someone caught that reference.

 ~this is the francsico fam~

 ~this is the yaptancos!~

 ~a caribou- lol my face- this is for em~

 ~look up dragon fruit thats what i ate~

 ~what my face was really like~

~sunrise this morning from the roof~

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