~all our trike selfie failures,,,,,,~

This week...not a lot of time so I will do my TOP 10's
The highlights of Sister Golightly's week everyone.
Be excited.
Are you ready?

1.) We started the AUN files this week. Looking for addresses unknown...turns out our ward has the most names in the whole pines...700...so get ready San Fernando. cuz we gonna fine you. hahaha
we already found 2 this week! Its like a treasure hunt! Except its really hot and sometimes when you think you find someone, it turns out there are so many Lopez's in San Fernando people get confused. and then you find the right Lopez and she is so old she actually doesn't remember her baptism...sooo...yeah...... We got her address though....

2.) Our less active that said he never wanted to see us again died this week. So we were able to attend the little catholic funeral they held at their house. Luckily he couldn't kick us out though because he is in the spirit world. He was a very nice man I think though.

3.) I realized this week who our ward mission leader reminds me of. Franc. From 'Father of the Bride'. He literally IS HIM. the way he talks, the way he acts, the way he walks, its too great.

4.) We got home from working and we were sitting to do nightly planning and all the sudden this red laser is shining through the window and obbbvisouly we were scared to death, so we all went in a room, closed the door and prayed. and then called the district leaders. while we waited we sat and ate ice cream. and then the elders came over and checked everything out. nothing. the next night it happened again. dude this doesn't sound scary but IT WAS. LIKE A RED LASER IS SHINING IN OUR HOUSE THE SAME TIME EVERY NIGHT IN THE SAME WINDOW. but it hasn't happened since. so no worries mother.

5.) I learned how to pray in Samoan. BOO YA. (grandpa Safsten would be so proud)

6.) A member told me J.B. got arrested.....................

7.)  Somehow when we have a meeting here it turns into an all day ordeal. 

8.) i really am great. hahah i love mishy life. yesterday got real and me and sis s had a bawl sesh and just cried cuz we are just trying to be the best missionaries we can be and improve our teaching and i really really missed you all. so i just started crying. but really i love it here so much.

9.) in church yesterday it was too funny. the counselor starts with "Gooood Morning everyone!" Congregation "Good morning!" Counselor, "I said, GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!" Congregation, "GOOOOOD morning!" I mean that is what I call a welcome! (literally a 'suits on the loose' moment)

10.) Also in church yesterday, the speaker quoted Rihanna.......if you think you read that wrong? no. truth. TOO FUNNY. He starts with "I just wanted to quote the lyrics of someone we all know, Rihanna, from her new album, *song title and lyrics* That is what I call inspiring words. That is some great advice right there." So I guess the only time i have to worry about listening to Babylonian music is from the pulpit.....hahaha too funny.

11.) you thought i would stop at ten? no. 

12.) Kudos to the kid that got away with watching a dvd during sacrament....

13.) Why are all my highlights from sacrament meeting?

14.) People are telling me i am getting fat. My diet started today.

15.) Honestly my mission is just the best. I wish I could put into words how much I love it. I know I say it every week but really I can not even say how grateful I am to be here, how much I love the philippians, and how much I love sharing the gospel and seeing people recognize the blessings from it.


sister golightly

~this food pic is for tanner. this was possibly one of the best meals i have had here~