Monday, February 10, 2014

Count Your Many Blessings! February 9, 2014

Hello all.

I miss cleaning on Saturday mornings. So much. So the whole schedule in the Baguio mission got changed and we added in an hour of cleaning at 7 a.m. and then p-day starts at 12 p.m.. Which is a great idea I think. Because ya know what? The apartment gets really messy sometimes and I just really love to clean. 

This week we were all just getting home at the apart ment and ya know just doin our thing, updating the area book, progress records, showering, jammin to efy, ya know the usjh, and then I go to get a drink of water....OH WAIT. The water wasn't running. Our water on the roof ran out so we didn't have running water two nights in a row. *Cue:Count your many blessings* Hahah it was way cool to see what it was like with no water, we are SO not ready for the second coming lololol.

This week was a lot of walking. And then some more walking...and then we walked some more. Let me tell you, I have got some sweet tan lines . The work was slow.But aylos lang kasi we got some great exercise and well....the sun makes you happy. even if you are walking under it all day long. It has been getting so hot I finally pulled out the wipe the sweat from my tmi. One day tho we walked alllll day long and no one was home and one one would let us in and no one wanted to listen and so we sat by this fence and Sis S was all, "heavenly father give us a sign!" hahah i was just rolling my eyes and then she goes "AH! that was it! that was the sign! did you see the motor cycle that just passed?! *no* The light that reflected in the rearview mirror just shown on the fence right there" The house that was right. in. front. of. us. AND it had a 105.7 sticker on it with the word LOVE underneath, so we took it as a sign, tao po'ed the house and then this sweet little old lady, that wanted to be friends with us, let us in. We taught her the restoration and she was sooo receptive. She wanted to read the bom and everything, we asked for a return appt, and then...dun dun dun...she is going to Manila for the next month. hahahahh but we planted the seed!! lol then, we found out this week our 3 ibd's are all special cases and couldn't get baptized for....a long time. So that was sad because they have been progressing just swimmingly. Sooo yeah... No, but really, we were able to meet a lot of potential investigators this week so that's great!

Rosemarie is still SO flippin excited for her baptism. She has been counting how many times we have visited her....hahah too great. I think we were on 8. Her baptism interview is on Saturday, and then baptism is next Saturday! Super exciting!

Funny fact, when we were looking for AUN'S (lost addresses unknown) we found a family with the names Ed, Edna, Eddy, Edwin, Emmy, Ethel, and Eddy Jr. ...I wonder what there nicknames are....

Stake conference was this weekend. So that was....long. hehe jk it was really great and inspiring! Ya know I just have a hard time sitting there so long. hahah (Mom you were right, the time we all get all dolled up is for the stake and missionary get random. Who are we trying to impress?! lolol.)

Also, can I just apologize now for my nametag NEVER showing in pictures?! Whats up with that?! I don't even have the slightest idea. 

Welp, I love you all. I love it here so much. Life is just SO great.

sister golightly

oh ps HAPPY vALENTINES DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s.   you are the best mom and thanks for your long weekly letters i love knowing everything cuz i print it out and read it alllllll. throughout the day so i can savor it. and then i pretend like i forgot what happened before so i re read such a dork lol. so i read it like 8 times on Mondays.

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