THIS WEEK WAS SOBRANG (SUPER) BUSAY. (the last word was English.)

Lets start with Tuesday kasi (because) we all know how p -day goes. So Tuesday I had a date with a dog. Me and Sis S were just walkin a long, mindin our own business, and then all these little 4-7 yr old street kids started attacking us yelling, "BARBIE BARBIE BARBIE!!!" like  mean ATTACKING. they were hanging off my arms, trying to lick me (idk why), pulling at my clothes, hanging off my legs (in case anyone was wondering why i didn't try to run away from them) Then it got the stray dogs reallly riled up, so they started getting angry and growling at us(German Shepard looking muts) and then as soon as Sis S helped me pull the clinging kids off, the dog just started growling at me and as we slowly (heart pounding mind you) walk away, the dog ran at me, jumped up, and i felt its teeth and tongue on my arm and we just kept walking. It happened really fast, and i started crying, but I looked down and NOT A SCARTCH. i DONT KNOW HOW IT HAPPENED!!!!!! i felt its teeth and tongue and everything and my arm was like inside its mouth!!!!!!!!! Heavenly father is really looking out for me. 

Wednesday, we got a bunch of new elders kasi (because) of some special zone stuff, so we had about 10-12 elders with us all week for everything. This week was so busy with everything for the musical missionary fireside we had on Sunday. (the missionaries were in charge of it) It was just for our ward but we needed new investigators, so we did that as a finding activity and a way for them to come to church and feel the spirit. so that was neat. (mom: two people that came walked in an were convinced i was a celebrity....hahahahah i died. blonde hair here just really gets people. imagine if our family would be a family of celebrities)
Saturday we had Rosemarie's baptism and it was beautiful! Just so wonderful! She is so special and I have NEVER seen anyone so excited to get baptized..or bare their testimony! haha She did great, it was so cute! After we had another fireside practice and then everyone went to Macdos. everyone i mean ward missionaries. just fyi

Sunday Rosemarie got confirmed and that night was the fireside which was so crazy busy. First after church we all went to the Flores' for pizza with everyone and then we had to get ready for the fireside. Everyone sang and bore testimonies. it was a beautiful program. Two of our investigators came, so that was great! 
Our investigators are progressing so much, we were able to have a lot of lessons this week and the spirit was just so strong in all of them. 

This morning a bunch of us went to the light house on the beach and then to the beach. TOO BEAUTIFUL. CRYSTAL CLEAR WATER AND WHITE SANDY BEACHES. OH MY GOOLAY I DIE!!!!!!!!

THE CHURCH IS SO TRUE EVERYONE. The gospel changes lives!

Transfer awareness is tomorrow and I am praying I don't leave my area! I love it so much! I am not ready to leave! haha

Mission life is the best. Cliche as it sounds, this really was the best decision of my life. I am so grateful to grow up with parents that taught me the gospel.


sister golightly