Monday, March 31, 2014

It Is Officially Summer Folks! March 30, 2014

 Hey Hey Hey Family!
Lets start with a story first. So all of us in the appt have moved the mattresses into the living room/study area so we can get all the fans in one place because it is officially summer folks. I mean SUMMER. like you have never experienced summer before. I have never been so sweaty and hot all the time in my life. That all is beside the point, the point is last night my comp, Sister Hardy woke up and heard me sleep talking but get this, I was sleep talking in Tagalog. Like WHAT THE. That has to mean something right? I am becoming Filipina!? YES. Anyways, that was the most pointless story I think I have ever told..or typed.

This week was hard. I will not lie, it was a really hard week.We have had to drop a lot of inv. this week because unfortunately they only want to listen because we are american or because I am blonde. which is sad. but they just don't have a desire :/ We have been trying so hard to be exactly obedient and day after day we got punted and then punted and then punted some more. Literally every journal entry this week starts with "We got punted all. day. long." and ends with "I think my body is melting right now, I'mma go stick my head in a bucket of water." Hehe. But I will also not lie and say I'm not happy. Because I am so. happy. hahah Like really I don't know how or why I am so happy because I am tired and sweaty all the time, but I am so happy. So no worries mommasita, life is great :)

The work is slow yet progressing at the same time which doesn't really make sense, but thats how it has been. But I am just loving being a missionary. I know obedience is beyond important even if its hard sometimes.LIFE IS SO GREAT. 

Sister Golightly

I received 2 DR PEPPERS this last week from the one and only elder dinkle because my migraine was so bad and he had 2 left. What a kind soul. *pics to come* and then dear sweet sister dinkle made us hamburgers for dinner and cookie bars when we were there to get my blessing.  

Thursday, March 27, 2014

I Feel So Blessed and So Happy! March 23, 2014

This week has been wonderful! Wow, man I feel so blessed and so happy. I have honestly never been happier in my entire life. I am so sorry, I'm sure every email sounds the exact same about how great life is and I'm pretty sure half don't even make sense cuz I am typing so fast and my fingers don't move as fast as my thoughts do but ayoslang. haha Life is just really really great. I feel so blessed to be serving here. TIME IS FLYING!

So the work is reallllyyyy progressing! J is doin great! Came to church AGAIN yesterday and I swear I heard the hallelujah chorus sing. We finally figured out his concerns about baptism and the greatest part is he really does have a desire. I can't wait till his family is sealed. They are my favorite. Last night we had a wonderful lesson with them. We also were able to teach Robert again this week (idk if i have written about him before...) but we have been teaching him since January and he REALLY has a desire to be baptized and we got an ibd for him and everything. the saddest part is that he moved to sevilla which isn't in our ward boundaries anymore so we had to give him to the other was way sad for me...but its ok because I know he has such a strong testimony and being able to watch it grow was the coolest. Plus I know he will be baptized so thats just the coolest.)

-We were able to teach piano again on Saturday thats always fun.
-a less active that hasn't come in YEARS came yesterday. yeahhhh buddyyyy
-on a side note i am way jealous about you all going to spring training
-this morning we did zumba....yes you totally read that right. a less active in the ward teaches zumba and she is way sweet just a totally cool sister ( know your a missionary when you refer to a woman as sister,...) and she said she would do classes for us every week it was a blast. 

i love you so much momma. thanks for being such an awesome example to me and always making sure we had family scripture and prayer and always making sure we knew the importance of the gospel. i love you so much. soooo much. you helped me become the person i am today and you helped me to gain a testimony of my own. because of that, I am experiencing the best thing i ever could. i feel so blessed to have you and dad as my parents. i love you both so much. thank you for helping me. my goal is to not just serve this mission just to serve it and say i finished but to serve an honorable mission knowing that i gave everything i had and then some. this really isn't my time it is the lords and so i don't want to waste a second. i just love you both sooo so much!

Life is just really wonderful. I love being a missionary. I hope you all are doing swellll. it is SO great to hear from you all every week. I always look forward to it! Keep it real! stay classy!

love, xxoxoxoxoxoxox
Sister Golightly

Monday, March 17, 2014

This Was A Learning Week! March 16, 2014

Brook's best friend sister missionary!  

First, I made tacos this week. can I get a HALLELUJAH? Man, I have missed those things. And I found quesadillas at the store last week grocery shopping, so you better believe all I ate this week was quesadillas. hehehe. (the tortillas weren't normal but for Filipino Mexican food I dealt.)

Tapos we had zone conference, (5 zones) and all day workshops with Elder Ardern of the Seventy and his wife. We all got to shake their hand and talk with them so that was nice. Sister Ardern said her niece was serving in AZ (connection...nbd lol). But really the workshops from them were great and I know I learned a lot. I know it was inspired.

Missions are the best. We had a lesson with the fransico fam last night (every Sunday) and we were talking about the holy ghost. Man, my testimony has grown so much here. I can't imagine my life without the gospel. sister elfie was talking about how the holy ghost can help us make right decisions. I related it back to when I decided to go on a mission and how after dad suggested it I prayed about it and just KNEW, without a doubt. And if it weren't for the holy ghost prompting me so strongly after I was SO stubborn about NOT going I wouldn't be here. And I wouldn't be experiencing this. And honestly I can't imagine my life, NOT experiencing this. I can't imagine not going on a mission and not being here in the Philippines. This is just simply the best decision I have ever made. SO CLICHE but really. I love this gospel so much.SO much. I know its true. And I have seen it change lives, and I have seen the blessings that come into peoples lives from it. I have watched as people's testimony how cool is that? Ahh dang I love life. (sorry to get all spiritual Emily ;) )

Mihal Kita!!!
Sister golightly

for the fam:
This week for Sister H and I....we learned a lot. All week long, we focused on being EXACTLY obedient. Not just obedient but exactly. And as we did that........we were punted ALL week. hahah Day after day all our lessons, appts, investigators, everyone fell through on us. literally. all day we just walked.  And it was so...sad. All day long we would walk and walk and walk in the heat and were just punted time after time. (15 times a day) It was so hard, and I couldn't figure out why when we were being so obedient all our appts fell through and no one wanted to listen. in
fact i still don't really know why it happened kinda.... BUT I know my testimony grew this week. I wish I could explain why better in words, but it was just a really great learning lesson for me. The lord knows what he is doing and we always need to rely on him.  

Monday, March 10, 2014

Wonderful Week! March 9, 2014

Wonderful week!

The work is progressing! We have found a lot of really great potential investigators as well as a lot of new investigators this week which was a blessing because we had to drop a few. 

This week one of favorite lessons we had was with Brother Ruben, a less active in the ward. He is 19 and just cracks us up! he is very shy but so friendly. We had just finished teaching Rosemarie about missionary work and  sharing her testimony with others and how much that will help them. right when we left to go visit Ruben our fellow-shipper bailed last minute, so we needed a fellow-shipper that night in order to teach him...sooo we went back to Rosemarie and asked her to come. she. was. THRILLED. and it was one of the best lessons! haha we were getting all spiritual and deep and all the sudden, she would just ask, "why are you less active?" and then we were talking about the atonement and she goes, "are you coming to church this Sunday?" through out the whole lesson she asked questions like this, it was so adorable. because she was genuinly concerned for him. and she really wanted him to come to church and at the end when she bore her testimony AH man. She is the greatest. And she is preparing to go to the temple to do baptisms in April. I have never seen anyone so excited- she asks about it every time we visit.

One of our new investigators, Eva, we have taught 3 times now. She lives by herself, never been married, around 50 years old, lives by herself, no kids, etc and she is so receptive. Very very religious and loves listening. Last Friday when we went after the lesson she was all, "wait i have something for you girls" and came back and gave us a brand new Avon umbrella! hahaha!  She is so cute and then handed us a note and says "this is a love-concern note for you girls because if I had kids they would be your age so your like my children." the note was so sweet she said we were like angels for her and she loved learning about the gospel and also that we needed to start using an umbrella because it is too hot not too. and if we don't, the lord might destroy the temple he gave us...........and then it went on for a couple pages about the know......but really it was sweet.

We also got the opportunity to teach piano on Saturday. Sis Dinkle (our senior missionary) teaches piano on sat mornings because the church has this program that if they learn and play through this whole piano book they get a free keyboard at their house to practice and the wards need piano players.. now a few of young people are coming because they really want to learn and now they have the opportunity. so she asked me and sister hardy to come help! So now we get to go every Saturday and help teach piano, and it is WAY fun! Oh my, I love it! The young woman I taught, it was her first time and ah man its way fun! they really want to learn, so its great teaching them! I'm excited to continue doing that! (I was thinking dang i wish i brought our old piano books cuz the books they have now are..actually they don't really have books.)

We had a really great lesson with the fransico fam again last night. I love that family so much they are my favorite! Jamel (investigator) came to church yesterday which just made our day! And last night we extended an idb and he said he would pray about it. Which was the best answer we could have gotten from him. Truly, because he is really taking it seriously. I want their cute family to be together forever SO BAD AHHHH. 

Anyways it was a wonderful week! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!!! MAHAL KITA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Work harder, sleep less, smile more ;)

sister brook kristina golightly

Sunday, March 9, 2014

This Week Was Great! March 2, 2014

This week was great! we had transfers and....drom roll.....I am staying in my area *sigh of relief* Let me just say how much I love. my. area. like, SO MUCH. And I am way glad cuz we are in the same apartment still obviously, and me and sister t are way tight. I will be so sad when she leaves (she goes home in one more transfer). My new comp is sister hardy, she came down to the lowlands and was actually sister spjuts comp before I was! and she is great! We get along well, and I hate to say it, but our lessons man...I love teaching with her. We were able to find quite a few new investigators and showed her around the area ect... (mom are you surprised I know my area? like dad, i know a lot of where things are...i am still a little directionally challenged but i am getting better) It is getting HOT in San fernando! We are now entering the summer months, and I have never been so hot......just But its ok, because the sun makes people happy right? 

Yesterday we had a missionary fireside with Elder Meim, of the area seventy, and his wife and so that was nice. The talked about "every member a missionary" I testify! Plus, oh man, the power of members in lessons is great! If you ever have the chance to go with the missionaries to a lesson to fellowship, GO. Members help bring the spirit so much!

Wow this week sounds not that exciting. But it was good, we had a ton of eating appts. dont worry I am just putting on pounds. HA! Yeah right now, I watch what I eat like no other. That scale I bought helps.

Missions are the greatest, I am having the best time of my life serving the Lord. I have never been happier. It sounds soooo unbelievably cliche but yes it tis true. WELP I LOVE YOU ALL AND I AM SO HAPPY YOU ALL GOT TO DO THE CELEBRATION, it sounds WAY legit! I am so jealous.


sister golightly