Thursday, March 27, 2014

I Feel So Blessed and So Happy! March 23, 2014

This week has been wonderful! Wow, man I feel so blessed and so happy. I have honestly never been happier in my entire life. I am so sorry, I'm sure every email sounds the exact same about how great life is and I'm pretty sure half don't even make sense cuz I am typing so fast and my fingers don't move as fast as my thoughts do but ayoslang. haha Life is just really really great. I feel so blessed to be serving here. TIME IS FLYING!

So the work is reallllyyyy progressing! J is doin great! Came to church AGAIN yesterday and I swear I heard the hallelujah chorus sing. We finally figured out his concerns about baptism and the greatest part is he really does have a desire. I can't wait till his family is sealed. They are my favorite. Last night we had a wonderful lesson with them. We also were able to teach Robert again this week (idk if i have written about him before...) but we have been teaching him since January and he REALLY has a desire to be baptized and we got an ibd for him and everything. the saddest part is that he moved to sevilla which isn't in our ward boundaries anymore so we had to give him to the other was way sad for me...but its ok because I know he has such a strong testimony and being able to watch it grow was the coolest. Plus I know he will be baptized so thats just the coolest.)

-We were able to teach piano again on Saturday thats always fun.
-a less active that hasn't come in YEARS came yesterday. yeahhhh buddyyyy
-on a side note i am way jealous about you all going to spring training
-this morning we did zumba....yes you totally read that right. a less active in the ward teaches zumba and she is way sweet just a totally cool sister ( know your a missionary when you refer to a woman as sister,...) and she said she would do classes for us every week it was a blast. 

i love you so much momma. thanks for being such an awesome example to me and always making sure we had family scripture and prayer and always making sure we knew the importance of the gospel. i love you so much. soooo much. you helped me become the person i am today and you helped me to gain a testimony of my own. because of that, I am experiencing the best thing i ever could. i feel so blessed to have you and dad as my parents. i love you both so much. thank you for helping me. my goal is to not just serve this mission just to serve it and say i finished but to serve an honorable mission knowing that i gave everything i had and then some. this really isn't my time it is the lords and so i don't want to waste a second. i just love you both sooo so much!

Life is just really wonderful. I love being a missionary. I hope you all are doing swellll. it is SO great to hear from you all every week. I always look forward to it! Keep it real! stay classy!

love, xxoxoxoxoxoxox
Sister Golightly

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