Monday, March 31, 2014

It Is Officially Summer Folks! March 30, 2014

 Hey Hey Hey Family!
Lets start with a story first. So all of us in the appt have moved the mattresses into the living room/study area so we can get all the fans in one place because it is officially summer folks. I mean SUMMER. like you have never experienced summer before. I have never been so sweaty and hot all the time in my life. That all is beside the point, the point is last night my comp, Sister Hardy woke up and heard me sleep talking but get this, I was sleep talking in Tagalog. Like WHAT THE. That has to mean something right? I am becoming Filipina!? YES. Anyways, that was the most pointless story I think I have ever told..or typed.

This week was hard. I will not lie, it was a really hard week.We have had to drop a lot of inv. this week because unfortunately they only want to listen because we are american or because I am blonde. which is sad. but they just don't have a desire :/ We have been trying so hard to be exactly obedient and day after day we got punted and then punted and then punted some more. Literally every journal entry this week starts with "We got punted all. day. long." and ends with "I think my body is melting right now, I'mma go stick my head in a bucket of water." Hehe. But I will also not lie and say I'm not happy. Because I am so. happy. hahah Like really I don't know how or why I am so happy because I am tired and sweaty all the time, but I am so happy. So no worries mommasita, life is great :)

The work is slow yet progressing at the same time which doesn't really make sense, but thats how it has been. But I am just loving being a missionary. I know obedience is beyond important even if its hard sometimes.LIFE IS SO GREAT. 

Sister Golightly

I received 2 DR PEPPERS this last week from the one and only elder dinkle because my migraine was so bad and he had 2 left. What a kind soul. *pics to come* and then dear sweet sister dinkle made us hamburgers for dinner and cookie bars when we were there to get my blessing.  

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