Monday, March 17, 2014

This Was A Learning Week! March 16, 2014

Brook's best friend sister missionary!  

First, I made tacos this week. can I get a HALLELUJAH? Man, I have missed those things. And I found quesadillas at the store last week grocery shopping, so you better believe all I ate this week was quesadillas. hehehe. (the tortillas weren't normal but for Filipino Mexican food I dealt.)

Tapos we had zone conference, (5 zones) and all day workshops with Elder Ardern of the Seventy and his wife. We all got to shake their hand and talk with them so that was nice. Sister Ardern said her niece was serving in AZ (connection...nbd lol). But really the workshops from them were great and I know I learned a lot. I know it was inspired.

Missions are the best. We had a lesson with the fransico fam last night (every Sunday) and we were talking about the holy ghost. Man, my testimony has grown so much here. I can't imagine my life without the gospel. sister elfie was talking about how the holy ghost can help us make right decisions. I related it back to when I decided to go on a mission and how after dad suggested it I prayed about it and just KNEW, without a doubt. And if it weren't for the holy ghost prompting me so strongly after I was SO stubborn about NOT going I wouldn't be here. And I wouldn't be experiencing this. And honestly I can't imagine my life, NOT experiencing this. I can't imagine not going on a mission and not being here in the Philippines. This is just simply the best decision I have ever made. SO CLICHE but really. I love this gospel so much.SO much. I know its true. And I have seen it change lives, and I have seen the blessings that come into peoples lives from it. I have watched as people's testimony how cool is that? Ahh dang I love life. (sorry to get all spiritual Emily ;) )

Mihal Kita!!!
Sister golightly

for the fam:
This week for Sister H and I....we learned a lot. All week long, we focused on being EXACTLY obedient. Not just obedient but exactly. And as we did that........we were punted ALL week. hahah Day after day all our lessons, appts, investigators, everyone fell through on us. literally. all day we just walked.  And it was so...sad. All day long we would walk and walk and walk in the heat and were just punted time after time. (15 times a day) It was so hard, and I couldn't figure out why when we were being so obedient all our appts fell through and no one wanted to listen. in
fact i still don't really know why it happened kinda.... BUT I know my testimony grew this week. I wish I could explain why better in words, but it was just a really great learning lesson for me. The lord knows what he is doing and we always need to rely on him.  

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