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Wonderful Week! March 9, 2014

Wonderful week!

The work is progressing! We have found a lot of really great potential investigators as well as a lot of new investigators this week which was a blessing because we had to drop a few. 

This week one of favorite lessons we had was with Brother Ruben, a less active in the ward. He is 19 and just cracks us up! he is very shy but so friendly. We had just finished teaching Rosemarie about missionary work and  sharing her testimony with others and how much that will help them. right when we left to go visit Ruben our fellow-shipper bailed last minute, so we needed a fellow-shipper that night in order to teach him...sooo we went back to Rosemarie and asked her to come. she. was. THRILLED. and it was one of the best lessons! haha we were getting all spiritual and deep and all the sudden, she would just ask, "why are you less active?" and then we were talking about the atonement and she goes, "are you coming to church this Sunday?" through out the whole lesson she asked questions like this, it was so adorable. because she was genuinly concerned for him. and she really wanted him to come to church and at the end when she bore her testimony AH man. She is the greatest. And she is preparing to go to the temple to do baptisms in April. I have never seen anyone so excited- she asks about it every time we visit.

One of our new investigators, Eva, we have taught 3 times now. She lives by herself, never been married, around 50 years old, lives by herself, no kids, etc and she is so receptive. Very very religious and loves listening. Last Friday when we went after the lesson she was all, "wait i have something for you girls" and came back and gave us a brand new Avon umbrella! hahaha!  She is so cute and then handed us a note and says "this is a love-concern note for you girls because if I had kids they would be your age so your like my children." the note was so sweet she said we were like angels for her and she loved learning about the gospel and also that we needed to start using an umbrella because it is too hot not too. and if we don't, the lord might destroy the temple he gave us...........and then it went on for a couple pages about the know......but really it was sweet.

We also got the opportunity to teach piano on Saturday. Sis Dinkle (our senior missionary) teaches piano on sat mornings because the church has this program that if they learn and play through this whole piano book they get a free keyboard at their house to practice and the wards need piano players.. now a few of young people are coming because they really want to learn and now they have the opportunity. so she asked me and sister hardy to come help! So now we get to go every Saturday and help teach piano, and it is WAY fun! Oh my, I love it! The young woman I taught, it was her first time and ah man its way fun! they really want to learn, so its great teaching them! I'm excited to continue doing that! (I was thinking dang i wish i brought our old piano books cuz the books they have now are..actually they don't really have books.)

We had a really great lesson with the fransico fam again last night. I love that family so much they are my favorite! Jamel (investigator) came to church yesterday which just made our day! And last night we extended an idb and he said he would pray about it. Which was the best answer we could have gotten from him. Truly, because he is really taking it seriously. I want their cute family to be together forever SO BAD AHHHH. 

Anyways it was a wonderful week! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!!! MAHAL KITA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Work harder, sleep less, smile more ;)

sister brook kristina golightly

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