Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What a Greeeeat Week! April 27, 2014

April 27, 2014

what a greeeeat week!
It started with an awesome inspirational  zone training Tuesday, our zls gave such great workshops about accountability. the theme was "see it, own it, solve it, do it" ..i think they got it from president..basta, it was wayyy good. it gave me and sis d the push we needed, our area has been struggling a little and needed some building so that was very exciting! we have found some new inv. so the work is picking up a little! plus the members are starting to work with us again, (sis d said they haven't worked with them once since she has been here in the highlands) so that's exciting.

its been raining like everyday now, and being who i am in the morning going out to work thinking oh its sunny i won't need my umbrella today and then by afternoon i end up wishing i brought an umbrella...cuz its pouring. and then that one hilary duff song always gets in my head 'let the rain fall down' ya know? and then it is followed by sis d singing, 'oh Babylon oh Babylon'! hahaha its fine. we laugh.

Wed we had exchanges and i went with sis tanner, it was so fun! we worked in her area so i got to stay with the other sisters for the night, and sister morrill (MTC roommate) lives there!!!! ahhh i was so happy i wanted to cry! i love her so much!! literally being with her was like being with my sister from home! so great! 

Sat. was a service project and...yeah anyways that was that...hahah not much to say about that one....
we helped the barungay....yeah...
so we found a mouse in our apartment this week.. apparently they live in the down stairs...that didn't' freak me out or anything. k lets face it i was screaming like a crazy and then got the kitchen knife. i will kill those things this week for sure. i also saw a spider this week at one of the members and it was as big as a volley ball my goodness it was huggggee but my camera was dead so darn :/

anyways, i hope you all are doing swell! i miss you all so much its crazy! but really, only when i email i think...hahaha working hard ect ;) and getting too mucsley.

we found a Dairy Queen today here in baguio!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this was like an hour ago!!!
ps yay me! im down to my original weight!!!!!!!
except...i'm so muscley now its legs are like an olympic cuz of all the hiking all day.....

oh and guess what there is kick boxing in the morning at this one park so we are going to start going to that..practically self defense! hahaha that should be fun...
keep it real! 
sister golightly

Monday, April 21, 2014

This Week...

Hello Family!

This week...was hard. haha I will not even lie to you. I am still adjusting to the new area (can i just tell you how hard it is to focus right now when dixie chicks is playing in the comp shop?) It rains a lot here already and its not even rainy season...but I love  sleeping at night with blankets in the cold its so nice! I even wear socks!

Funny story:
Last night we went to visit a family and they have 4 little kids under 8. super bright, just adorable kids. Alex (5 yrs old) just kept talking about how I looked like Rapunzel, then he finally got up the courage to touch my hair and as soon as he did he ran into the other room, grabbed his sisters little princess brush, sat behind me and started brushing my hair. After about 2 mintues he stopped, held up the brush, and yelled to his sister, "LOOK! I HAVE MAGIC!" Hahahaha I died! He legitimately thought my hair was magic like Rapunzel...and then he just kept singing the flower gleam and glow was seriously the funniest thing ever, everyone was laughing so hard.

I really really wish I had more exciting stuff this week...Our investigators aren't progressing and the area really really needs some building and our less actives...well they are less active.
sounds so depressing....but really the gospel is true folks. i know it without a doubt. I am so grateful to be here serving a mission. this is the greatest experience I have ever had. 

I love you all soo so so so much! I hope you all are doing swimmingly.\MAHAL KITA!

ps thanks for teaching me how to clean parents. this morning i cleaned our apartment. (yeah somehow i get to do the dishes everyday too...) and it hasn't been cleaned since 1998 (you think im kidding,., i cleaned out dust bunnies the size of full grown rabbits and counters that probably had oil stains for years and years,,,,so grosssssssssssssssss i was puking in my mouth hahahah

Now for some pictures!  A mix of my old area and my new area!  

Monday, April 14, 2014

I Can't Believe How Time is Flying! My New Area is La Trinidad!


 Hello family!

Wow 2nd area na! I can't believe how time is flying! My new area is La Trinidad zone pero yung area ko is closer to Baguio city, it borders it. It is a whole different world up here than in the lowlands! completely different! My area has zero flat ground, I'm talkin ZERO. (Ask me if I'm sore...) It is all up and down hills and then up and down mountains I kid you not. There is even the "stair way to heaven" in my area...imagine that for a moment...just imagine it...I walk up it er day. YES. :) hahah but really I  don't mind and I am getting over my fear of heights, mountain climbing everyday, in a SKIRT! Haha anyways, my new comp is sis de jose and she is a doll! I love her! She really is great! The work here is different, well everything is different, but I am adjusting. I think change really is a good thing.
Now, General conf....was that not the bomb? So good, I loved it so much! I literally have never been so excited for it! ah, just so inspiring. Wow I sound like you mom. haha

well life is good! Just call me an igorat now hahaha LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!! MAHAL KITA!~!!!!!!

love, xoxoxoxoxoxo,
sis go

hey pappa! it is so wonderful to hear from you!!! I love reading your letters every week. I thought of you yesterday during general conference when someone (...i don't remember who) was telling how his grandpa always related everything back to farm stories....i was like awww that's my daddy hahaha but wasn't conference great?

im glad life is good, i hope you miss me too death, hehehe jkjk but not really. love you daddy! you would be so proud of me here in the high lands. to say i am conquering my fears is an understatement....i am literally climbing mountains...hahah :) 
LOVE YOU have a great week!

       ~Brookee in her new area-La Trinidad~

               ~Brook with her new companion-Sister de jose~

                               ~Transfer day-Brook got to see her MTC District sisters!~

                                                                           ~La Trinidad~

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sooo This Week I Spent Mostly.....

 First Cookies!!!
 Hello all! 

WARNING: don't read if you have a sensitive stomach

So this week I spent mostly in the bathroom. I was having lbm for 3 days already and finally Wednesday night the pain was so intense we called Sister Balledos and her and president actually came by the apartment  and took me to the hospital around midnight. Hospitals here are not like America. Thursday I spent puking. Sister hardy was a doll and literally held my hair back. and then the APs' came and gave me a blessing that night. and so yes...this was my week. *mom if you want to rewrite this and make it public proof that would be fine* I don't have a ton of energy right now and am still not feeling well but I am on antibiotics. I have a stomach bacteria from the water says the nice doctor lady at the hospital. I have lost about  7 pounds and still can't eat.

When I wasn't in the bathroom me and sister hardy played uno, watched, "The  District" (Mormon missionary soap gets better every time), and slept. 

We also got two new fans this week for the summer weather...score.

I found out I am transferring and I will not lie I am sad about it, and I'm sad to leave sis hardy but know that I will go where the lord needs me. Transfer day is Thursday!

Now lets talk about the general relief society broadcast, was it good or was it good? It was great. My fav part was when they said treat everyone you meet like the child of god that they are..or something like that. Although I was a little outta it, I loved every word! I am soo especially excited to listen to general conf. They broadcast here a week late so our general conf will be this Sat and Sunday! 
sorry i am way boring today....I love you all too Pluto and back! 
sis go

this was so funny she was outtttt