Monday, April 14, 2014

I Can't Believe How Time is Flying! My New Area is La Trinidad!


 Hello family!

Wow 2nd area na! I can't believe how time is flying! My new area is La Trinidad zone pero yung area ko is closer to Baguio city, it borders it. It is a whole different world up here than in the lowlands! completely different! My area has zero flat ground, I'm talkin ZERO. (Ask me if I'm sore...) It is all up and down hills and then up and down mountains I kid you not. There is even the "stair way to heaven" in my area...imagine that for a moment...just imagine it...I walk up it er day. YES. :) hahah but really I  don't mind and I am getting over my fear of heights, mountain climbing everyday, in a SKIRT! Haha anyways, my new comp is sis de jose and she is a doll! I love her! She really is great! The work here is different, well everything is different, but I am adjusting. I think change really is a good thing.
Now, General conf....was that not the bomb? So good, I loved it so much! I literally have never been so excited for it! ah, just so inspiring. Wow I sound like you mom. haha

well life is good! Just call me an igorat now hahaha LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!! MAHAL KITA!~!!!!!!

love, xoxoxoxoxoxo,
sis go

hey pappa! it is so wonderful to hear from you!!! I love reading your letters every week. I thought of you yesterday during general conference when someone (...i don't remember who) was telling how his grandpa always related everything back to farm stories....i was like awww that's my daddy hahaha but wasn't conference great?

im glad life is good, i hope you miss me too death, hehehe jkjk but not really. love you daddy! you would be so proud of me here in the high lands. to say i am conquering my fears is an understatement....i am literally climbing mountains...hahah :) 
LOVE YOU have a great week!

       ~Brookee in her new area-La Trinidad~

               ~Brook with her new companion-Sister de jose~

                               ~Transfer day-Brook got to see her MTC District sisters!~

                                                                           ~La Trinidad~

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