Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sooo This Week I Spent Mostly.....

 First Cookies!!!
 Hello all! 

WARNING: don't read if you have a sensitive stomach

So this week I spent mostly in the bathroom. I was having lbm for 3 days already and finally Wednesday night the pain was so intense we called Sister Balledos and her and president actually came by the apartment  and took me to the hospital around midnight. Hospitals here are not like America. Thursday I spent puking. Sister hardy was a doll and literally held my hair back. and then the APs' came and gave me a blessing that night. and so yes...this was my week. *mom if you want to rewrite this and make it public proof that would be fine* I don't have a ton of energy right now and am still not feeling well but I am on antibiotics. I have a stomach bacteria from the water says the nice doctor lady at the hospital. I have lost about  7 pounds and still can't eat.

When I wasn't in the bathroom me and sister hardy played uno, watched, "The  District" (Mormon missionary soap gets better every time), and slept. 

We also got two new fans this week for the summer weather...score.

I found out I am transferring and I will not lie I am sad about it, and I'm sad to leave sis hardy but know that I will go where the lord needs me. Transfer day is Thursday!

Now lets talk about the general relief society broadcast, was it good or was it good? It was great. My fav part was when they said treat everyone you meet like the child of god that they are..or something like that. Although I was a little outta it, I loved every word! I am soo especially excited to listen to general conf. They broadcast here a week late so our general conf will be this Sat and Sunday! 
sorry i am way boring today....I love you all too Pluto and back! 
sis go

this was so funny she was outtttt

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