Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What a Greeeeat Week! April 27, 2014

April 27, 2014

what a greeeeat week!
It started with an awesome inspirational  zone training Tuesday, our zls gave such great workshops about accountability. the theme was "see it, own it, solve it, do it" ..i think they got it from president..basta, it was wayyy good. it gave me and sis d the push we needed, our area has been struggling a little and needed some building so that was very exciting! we have found some new inv. so the work is picking up a little! plus the members are starting to work with us again, (sis d said they haven't worked with them once since she has been here in the highlands) so that's exciting.

its been raining like everyday now, and being who i am in the morning going out to work thinking oh its sunny i won't need my umbrella today and then by afternoon i end up wishing i brought an umbrella...cuz its pouring. and then that one hilary duff song always gets in my head 'let the rain fall down' ya know? and then it is followed by sis d singing, 'oh Babylon oh Babylon'! hahaha its fine. we laugh.

Wed we had exchanges and i went with sis tanner, it was so fun! we worked in her area so i got to stay with the other sisters for the night, and sister morrill (MTC roommate) lives there!!!! ahhh i was so happy i wanted to cry! i love her so much!! literally being with her was like being with my sister from home! so great! 

Sat. was a service project and...yeah anyways that was that...hahah not much to say about that one....
we helped the barungay....yeah...
so we found a mouse in our apartment this week.. apparently they live in the down stairs...that didn't' freak me out or anything. k lets face it i was screaming like a crazy and then got the kitchen knife. i will kill those things this week for sure. i also saw a spider this week at one of the members and it was as big as a volley ball my goodness it was huggggee but my camera was dead so darn :/

anyways, i hope you all are doing swell! i miss you all so much its crazy! but really, only when i email i think...hahaha working hard ect ;) and getting too mucsley.

we found a Dairy Queen today here in baguio!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this was like an hour ago!!!
ps yay me! im down to my original weight!!!!!!!
except...i'm so muscley now its legs are like an olympic cuz of all the hiking all day.....

oh and guess what there is kick boxing in the morning at this one park so we are going to start going to that..practically self defense! hahaha that should be fun...
keep it real! 
sister golightly

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