Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"I Got a NEW Umbrella!" May 18, 2014

~my new umbrella! hehehehe 
the man who i bought it from said, "oh yes,,,its clear...like you....!" 
(and continued telling me im see thru....!!!hahahahaha)~

Quick run through:

-Friday we had the ward fhe. it was a musical festival. super fun! I sent LOTS of pictures from it!

-Saturday was danica's baptism! So exciting!!!

-Sunday I gave a talk and dancia was confirmed!
 and 2 inv came to church! 

..so i forgot my planner. so the week is kinda a blur...the pics will make up for it hopefully ;)


sister golightly

~Brookee, Mission Pres. wife-Sister Balledos, 
Sister De Jose~

~Music Festival~

 ~Food served at music festival~

 ~Danica's Baptism~

 ~this is what i do every night lol...
 read your emails I printed off on p-day!!!~ 

~A LOT More pictures of  music festival~

 ~Danica's baptism~

 ~One of our investigators~

 ~Sister Missionary pictures!~

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