Tuesday, May 6, 2014

"Its Been Raining Like Crazy and I mean CRAZY!" May 4, 2014

this is my short weekly....

it has been raining like crazy and i mean CRAZY!  everyday! i can now say i have experienced philippine rain oh myyyy! (I already told dad this, but yous would die if you saw me..we are just dripping SOAKING holding onto our umbrellas for dear life haha. im just this random little white girl in the rain.)

President came up to interview our investigator  and she will be baptized on the 17th! So thats exciting! and her dad is less active and is starting to come back which is also great! :)

literally i'm sorry this week is not exciting........hahah
Remember DO GOOD!;) xoxoxoxoxoxo 
MOMMA....I GOT THE BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS BETTER THAN CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS ALL SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PERFECT. i LITERALLY cried so hard. like i was bawling. i have been having the hardest time here and i got the box at the PERFECT time yesterday! president brought it up actually! and the zl's had to carry it to the appt hahahaha Pres said he thought you sent me a fridge! hahahaha he was so excited for me and told me to give him chocolate! lol i was sobbing like a baby. the best was the pictures you sent. oh my goodness. i will send you pics of me opening it!!!!!!! it was honestly....there are no words to describe how great it was. IT WAS ALL SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PERFECT. 
 i can't even tell you. everyone was freakin out and it is SOOOOO SO SO funny to see sis de jose try these things, Honey Nut Cheerios!!! hahhaha cuz she has never seen it or heard of it! When she tried cheerios/...hahahah oh my. she was like oh...ohh...masarap! oh these are very masarap!!!
(masarap means delicious)  HOW ARE YOU MOMMA?!?!?!? :) I'M OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH SO SO SO SO HAPPY I GET TO TALK TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 week! here is the announcement:
hello missionaries. you are limited to 30 min phone call to your mom only. you can call them or they can call you. americans call on monday and foreigners sunday. so figure out a time to wish your mom happy mothers day.
thats the text we got about it!
hello daddy. 
let me just start with. I GET TO TALK TO YOU IN ONE WEEK. HALLELEAH! Do you miss me? i know you do. I got that box and it was literally the best thing of my entire life. better than christmas!!! i hung up your card on my wall. i saved yours and moms to read last night on my bed and i was just SOBBING as soon as i got to the part "I know you are smiling right now" hahaha you know me too weeelllll. i was like dang and then just cried hahaha its been a really really rough week. we had one inv tell us we didn't know what we were saying was true and that we know that girls aren't aloud to preach the word of god and a lot of other mean stuff through text and they kept calling...that was hard..and then yesterday pres was supposed to int our inv (she is 10) and her aunt because the aunt is the member and needed to be intv cuz our inv needs support system and THE AUNT (who comes every week) decided TO GO TO A RESORT AND GO SWIMMING INSTEAD OF COME TO SACREMENT! LIKE WHAT! i was just...anyways it was hard pres came all the way from manilla! ah anyways its ok i forgave her. hahaha i just haven't forgotten yet,. anyways the area is so slow right now it just hardddd.

but its ok. really. im not complaining. its alright. really thank you so much for your card.
this week IT HAS BEEN RAINING LIKE CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY and the whole time i just thought of you cuz i was like "if dad saw me right now he would dieee laughing" i was such a sight! hands frozen, to my broken. wimpy. umbrella just dripppppping. soaking. wet. hahaha it was so funny you would have laughed. goodness i miss you daddy. thanks for your letters every week i REALLY REALLY appreciate them. more than you know! i love you pappa! DO GOOD! ;) xoxoxoxoxox

~Brookee and Sister De Jose~
 ~Brook and Companion~
 ~This is where Brook is serving.  
She walks this all the time~
 ~This is where the people who live on the mountain get their water ~
 mom...this is my area.....hahahaha we hike mountains everyday to every appointment.......i wasn't kidding,,,,
 ~Where they walk to get to their 
appointments on the mountain~

 ~The box we sent her back in February!  
She FINALLY got it!!!~
 ~Opening box!~

 ~They do not have Cheerios there and her 
companion had never tried them before 
and said they were delicious! ~

 ~See the 3 boys (wearing green, white and red shirts) walking up the stairs~

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