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This Week has been Fabbbulous! May 25, 2014

Here the latest ;)
This week has been fabbbulous! Monday we went with the elders to yellow cab...which might be the best pizza place on the planet. Man, I love baguio. I also love pday.

anyways, but really it was a great week! so we have started teaching remson (referral siya) and tuesday he informed us HE WANTS TO BE BAPTIZED!!! We extended an idb to him a while ago and he said he has prayed about it and feels "a voice" telling him he needs to be baptized. The church is so true. But really he is progressing so well, and will be baptized next month on the 21 :)

Thursday we went to the aluyen family and had cake for lub's birthday, she is the cutest seriously! (she can't really see very well her eye sight is really bad and so when she saw the b-day cake she was BEYOND SHOCKED and happy. like for reals i have NEVER seen anyone so happy in my LIFE. EVER. like i wish i could put into words.....) 


~Lub's b-day~


Friday, hit that 7 month mark. I am NOT counting down and no I am NOT trunky.

Saturday we experienced an igorot funeral..someone in  the ward died and actually it was a great finding opportunity because people want to know how to see their loved ones again ya knoW? I thought the pictures were interesting...

~igorot funeral~

Mom, sunday i used the bed head shampoo/conditioner for the first time and almost cried hahaha the smell..oh man...i was in heaven.

Sis t left this week and that was hard, I will miss her so much she really made an impact on my mission and ah man i will just miss her terribly! 

Anyways, transfers were this week, but I am so glad I am staying. This area has really grown on me and I really love the ward and the ward missionaries. WE are all so close! I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary at this time. I have never felt so close to my savior or my testimony so strong. Man, I have said it OVER a million times being a missionary is truly the BEST. We did a lot of climbing this week a LOT of punts. But, getting punted is the time to answer someones prayers and find those select souls ready to hear the gospel di ba? It was definitely a "come what may and love it" week! There really are no bad bays, only hard days. And those hard days are learning days. Really, I feel so blessed to have the gospel in my life. I learned so much this week about the atonement, faith, and forgiveness. Really tho. The church is SO TRUE.

MAhal kita! Mahal ko kayong lahat!!!!! SOBRA!!!!!!!!!!!!

sister golightly xoxoxoxoxoxox

~one of my fave fam in our area 
guevarra family! :)~
 ~guevarra family! :)~
 ~guevarra family! :)~
 ~Last District meeting with Elder Dodd~
~i think these are of the guisad missionaires.....~
~wait or this one might be lol......~

 ~this was my baby meal the other day hahahaha~

 ~forgive my scandalous knees~
 ~ME in the rain~~

 ~Happy 7 months to ME!~

~me & Sister J~

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