Monday, June 30, 2014

I am Good! June 29. 2014

Dear Family,

TANNER i have actually  just started getting your 'dear elder' letters!!! TALK ABOUT THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 oh man! this one elder actually accidently got mine from you, they messed up and gave it to him, so he accidently opened it and read it...he gives it to me and goes, "i'm so sorry but who ever tanner is and im guessing its your brother..he sounds like a stud. he is an awesome kid and clearly is doing good!"..hahaha i was like, "AW YEAH THATS MY PERFECT BROTHAAAAAAA!" HAHA :) i love you little man those letters mean the world to me!

i am good! really! life is good! I am really drained. emotionally, physically, everything. this week has been crazy so busy...hahaha kay wow! i am REALLY, REALLY OK!!!!!!!
ahyayyyyyyyyyyyy i love all your  letters. especially long and detailed...haha i read them on monday nights. its my wind down time. i put on this facial mask i bought and sit on my bed and drink milo hahaha
hey dad. thanks for your emails every week it means alot...its been a good week..we have had a lot of intense and spiritual of our less actives is 16..great kid and the changes i have seen in the last 12 weeks i have been here I can't even describe.. 
I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! i hope you have a fabulous week. you are the greatest in the wholeeeeeeeeeeeeee world   :)))))))))))))) <3333333333333333 
sister go

ps tell g and g safsten thanks for the email. they mean so much. for reals. i miss them. 

Service project!


Just playing around!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Its Still Raining Like Crazy! June 22, 2014

thats lebon......anyways she is my favorite.
 she is color blind and always says my hair is beautiful hahaha
Hello hello hello family!

 So first, I will start with the weekly weather report...IT WAS SO FOGGY THIS WEEK OH MY GOOLAY. Like literally we couldn't see in front of us within 20 feet. it was like walking in a cloud...haha like really. not your average fog. And of course its still raining like crazy er day. 

sundays are seriously my favorite. !!! i love them the most....our ward, its like being with family. 

Monday we had fhe with the peleras'. thats always a good time, tuesday district meeting, which is also always a good time, Wednesday we had tri-zone conf. Of course, at big missionary gatherings like this I always get the OPPORTUNITY to speak. Haha me and sis de jose had to talk about how having faith helped our area progress. From when I got there it was struggling, but over the past twelve weeks we have seen SO much improvement. So that was a good time too...haha But really, conference was amazzzzing. The focus was faith in Christ. How faith can help overcome challenges that every missionary has in the field. Like I mean it was amazing. At the end what really got me was a talk president focused on by elder holland. Every one of us has asked ourselves before 'isn't there an easier way?'  But what we forget sometimes is that our savior asked the very same question before. he has been there, he knows what its like. When he suffered in gethsemane, his love for everyone of us made it possible. Salvation isn't easy, it will be hard. BUT it is so possible. The plan of our heavenly father, the gospel, is what makes it possible. Through our savior jesus christ. Faith is such a beautiful word. 

Sunday was fabulous. We have been teaching the Panesa family for about 3 weeks now and the kids came to church this week with us. (the parents both had to work). there family is so wonderful. they have one 14 year old girl who has been reading everyday (with the family) and told us she prayed and knows its true. she was able to come with us yesterday with her little brothers and loved church. The parents and rest of the fam are progressing as well just a little slower...the two boys remind me exactly of tanner and conner...which makes me love them more haha. They are a great family and are so grateful for everything they have. 

I am so happy and my heart is so full. I feel so grateful and blessed. I know the gospel brings true happiness. Being a missionary is the best.

LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU ALL SOOOOO MUCH !! more than i can even write! MAHAL KITA!!!
sister golightly

Other Highlights:

  • -Explaining to my companion the words "swag" and "hashtag"

  • -finding a rat in our kitchen sink...
yeah i freaked out. 
yeah thats an understatement. 
yeah we killed it.

  • -watching elder moi moi fight off a bunch of dogs with his rainbow umbrella. im tellin you... they are VICIOUS.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Life is Great and ...water is good...and peopel are Crazy...hehehe June 15, 2014

 ~the view~

"Life is Great and...water is good...and people are crazy"...hehehe  
name that song.

Anyways, Life is so good. WOW. Like really. And dogs are so mean. Like really dogs in the highlands are so ferocious. so scary. Its fine cuz i have a badge so its ok but really. haha

speaking of animals, tanner this is for you, I ate frog this week. TWICE actually and ya wanna know something? it really tastes just like chicken. hahaha i just kept eating this adobo at a members house and at the end, brother was like, "sister i didn't know you enjoyed frog so much!" (i think i ate so much frog like 4 of them probably) hahaha....uhhhhhhh......tapos on a food note, our pakistani less actives cooked for us on wednesday when we visited..real pakistani food...hahah i was surprised it wasn't that bad. I can't say i'm a huge fan of beans still tho.

Tuesday we had exchanges. I led the area with sister oco...luckily i didn't get lost. you know me and my ZERO direction sense. hahaha really tho i am getting better daddy.
It continues to rain every day (for those that want a weather update hahaha) all day so a lot of times I am drenched. every night when i get home i make milo and sit in my blankets..its freezing! (tanner, milo is like hot chocolate but not as sweet..if you were wondering ;)) 


Saturday and sunday we had stake conf and heard from Quinton L. Cook and others from the projector. It was really great. Brother Davies gave a great talk "does the lord give us challenges to impede our progression?" the answer is no. we just need to exercise our faith in Christ. He ALWAYS says, "Come unto me." "come unto me all you whom are heavy laden and i will give you rest" We need to constantly seek for a testimony of Christ and then CLEAVE to it. So good right?

NOWWWW, our investigators are slowly slowly progressing...except remson. he is just doing swimmingly. He has to be interviewed by president this week tho for his baptism saturday.. but other than that the work is movin and I am just lovin life. Missionary life, and being on a mission is the greatest blessing of my LIFE. Man, I love it.Having this opportunity and being here in the ppines...I feel so blessed. The gospel is just so...happy. Life is good.

Anyways I love you all more than anything! MAHAL KITA!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!
sister golightly


~Best photo bomb EVER!~

for the fam. last week momma said "remember this time is shaping you and molding you to what heavenly father wants you to be." TRUE DAT. siepre i am having a hard time right now, but looking back I think about how much I have and am learning...about my savior Jesus Christ, his atoning sacrifice, faith, forgiveness, and most of all humility, and meekness. I learned what it means to be meek mom...I have never used that word in my LIFE hahah. What a learning experience, I am grateful for it and how much I have grown in the last 6 weeks. Especially for how close I have come to the SAvior. Everyone is human, everyone is doing the best they can,. people make mistakes, and I learned how to love someone despite...everything. Christ felt that ya know?  he knew what i was going through and I felt his comfort. SOOO in ALL our lives, remember our challenges and hard times will strengthen our testimonies and faith and relationship with heavenly father and jesus christ. the end. 

                                ~remson took my camera and took a pic of himself...~

Friday, June 13, 2014

This Week Was Good! June 8, 2014

This week was good! the work is moving along! 
Happy birthday to daddy!!!

So just to answer some of daddys questions from the last couple weeks....

-as far as goals go we have whats called 'the standard of excellence', a goal number of lessons etc for each week (teach 10 lessons to investigators- 5 with a member present, and 15 rcla lessons each week, have 7 ibds each week, baptize and confirm 3 precious soul each cycle as a companionship, have 5 new inv). This week we taught 22 lessons.
-Our main focus in the mission is finding new inv...which is great, because nothing starts in missionary work without people to teach! I was studying a lot in mosiah about abinadi (mom and dad you know how much i love that story/movie hahaha) and really, no effort is wasted. you think about what he did where he went into a city to preach and was REJECTED every time. (i think a lot of people think serving here is easy because the people will just listen, yes a lot do listen but we are rejected more times in a day than i can count) and its not easy. i have felt that. and then being full of the spirit, he testified because that is what god wanted him to do, that was his calling, and  even though no one wanted to listen, his efforts were not wasted. he was fulfilling his purpose. NO EFFORT IS WASTED. Because of what abinadi did, Alma listened and as a result HUNDREDS were baptized. imagine if he didn't do that...and alma. oh man what an example of a missionary. anyways, sorry to go off on that..i just really love that story.

-We go on exchanges 1 every 6 weeks with the stls...i think ours in this week..

-Do you teach from door knocking? no not really, its not the most effective. we maybe spend like 2 hours a week, if that, doing that....mostly preaching by the way on the way to appt etc. its more effective.

-we are currently teaching maybe 10 inv...and a family! we taught them yesterday and i see potential for them. Remson is getting baptized the 21st and is progressing so much! its so amazing to watch. he is so ready and so excited to be baptized! he was actually a referral kasi he is the nanny for the guevarra family.

-We teach a ton of less active...which i really love. I love helping people be reminded of their testimonies...they are really amazing people and I love them so much...and then when they come to church! Ah man, pure joy!

We teach one less active pakistani couple (their daughters are pastoras and way against the church) but they moved here to be sealed in the temple and that is really their goal. its fun to teach them because they only speak their language and a little english....hahaha its so funny but really the gift of tongues...kay there is still a language gap but its great.

This morning we had zone activity with baguio zone and that was fun. it was a sports know me and if it was tennis that would be different but it wasn't hahaha. 

Life is good, the rain keeps coming, every day, my testimony is growing and my knowledge of the gospel as well. I feel so grateful and so blessed to be here right now. I am SO grateful to be here as an instrument in the lords hands. this gospel is SO real. The atoning sacrifice of jesus christ is SO real. Being able to testify every day that Christ lives and through him families can be together forever and we can return to heavenly father is the most...I can't even describe. My love for the Savior and my heavenly father is indescribable. I am so so grateful.

I love you all. Family, you are the best. spoil daddy this week! 

LOVE LOVE LOVE you all mahal KITA! xoxoxoxox
sister golightly

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Can you believe its already June? June 1, 2014

Can you believe its already june?

This was a really really blessed week man. Literally tho, this week was an answer to countless prayers as far as finding goes. The work is picking up a little. We have been struggling so bad with finding new inv. and FINALLY we found 18 potential investigators (sympre, next week they will be inv.) but even one pot. family we were able to teach yesterday! I can't tell you how encouraging that has been. Really if you just open your mouth and talk to everyone no matter how many people turn you down its ok, No efforts are wasted! Although it would be really nice if people could just realize the gospel will change there life....darn agency. hahaha jkjk 

Its been really rainy this week so walking to appts is like walking upstream at diamond crick and umbrellas don't o much to help no matter how big they are. hahaha i think i might get a poncho. but its ok I loooove the rain so much! I have never seen it so hard!

So on a side note, sis campos came up to the highlands and is comp with sis jackson and so i got to see them the other day that was SO great! I love those girls! SO much! Also, the youth want to start working with missionaries which is GREAT. really, they are starting to get that missionary spirit. so fun. Fri was sis launars b day so we had a party at the appt. she turned 22 so all day tswift was in my head. 

overall good week.

love you all so much! more than words can even express! have a fabtab week! party it up in utah and idaho! SO jealous! 
sister golightly

ps fathers day is sunday..sooo....HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO THE BEST DAD IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!