Sunday, June 8, 2014

Can you believe its already June? June 1, 2014

Can you believe its already june?

This was a really really blessed week man. Literally tho, this week was an answer to countless prayers as far as finding goes. The work is picking up a little. We have been struggling so bad with finding new inv. and FINALLY we found 18 potential investigators (sympre, next week they will be inv.) but even one pot. family we were able to teach yesterday! I can't tell you how encouraging that has been. Really if you just open your mouth and talk to everyone no matter how many people turn you down its ok, No efforts are wasted! Although it would be really nice if people could just realize the gospel will change there life....darn agency. hahaha jkjk 

Its been really rainy this week so walking to appts is like walking upstream at diamond crick and umbrellas don't o much to help no matter how big they are. hahaha i think i might get a poncho. but its ok I loooove the rain so much! I have never seen it so hard!

So on a side note, sis campos came up to the highlands and is comp with sis jackson and so i got to see them the other day that was SO great! I love those girls! SO much! Also, the youth want to start working with missionaries which is GREAT. really, they are starting to get that missionary spirit. so fun. Fri was sis launars b day so we had a party at the appt. she turned 22 so all day tswift was in my head. 

overall good week.

love you all so much! more than words can even express! have a fabtab week! party it up in utah and idaho! SO jealous! 
sister golightly

ps fathers day is sunday..sooo....HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO THE BEST DAD IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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