Monday, June 30, 2014

I am Good! June 29. 2014

Dear Family,

TANNER i have actually  just started getting your 'dear elder' letters!!! TALK ABOUT THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 oh man! this one elder actually accidently got mine from you, they messed up and gave it to him, so he accidently opened it and read it...he gives it to me and goes, "i'm so sorry but who ever tanner is and im guessing its your brother..he sounds like a stud. he is an awesome kid and clearly is doing good!"..hahaha i was like, "AW YEAH THATS MY PERFECT BROTHAAAAAAA!" HAHA :) i love you little man those letters mean the world to me!

i am good! really! life is good! I am really drained. emotionally, physically, everything. this week has been crazy so busy...hahaha kay wow! i am REALLY, REALLY OK!!!!!!!
ahyayyyyyyyyyyyy i love all your  letters. especially long and detailed...haha i read them on monday nights. its my wind down time. i put on this facial mask i bought and sit on my bed and drink milo hahaha
hey dad. thanks for your emails every week it means alot...its been a good week..we have had a lot of intense and spiritual of our less actives is 16..great kid and the changes i have seen in the last 12 weeks i have been here I can't even describe.. 
I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! i hope you have a fabulous week. you are the greatest in the wholeeeeeeeeeeeeee world   :)))))))))))))) <3333333333333333 
sister go

ps tell g and g safsten thanks for the email. they mean so much. for reals. i miss them. 

Service project!


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