~the view~

"Life is Great and...water is good...and people are crazy"...hehehe  
name that song.

Anyways, Life is so good. WOW. Like really. And dogs are so mean. Like really dogs in the highlands are so ferocious. so scary. Its fine cuz i have a badge so its ok but really. haha

speaking of animals, tanner this is for you, I ate frog this week. TWICE actually and ya wanna know something? it really tastes just like chicken. hahaha i just kept eating this adobo at a members house and at the end, brother was like, "sister i didn't know you enjoyed frog so much!" (i think i ate so much frog like 4 of them probably) hahaha....uhhhhhhh......tapos on a food note, our pakistani less actives cooked for us on wednesday when we visited..real pakistani food...hahah i was surprised it wasn't that bad. I can't say i'm a huge fan of beans still tho.

Tuesday we had exchanges. I led the area with sister oco...luckily i didn't get lost. you know me and my ZERO direction sense. hahaha really tho i am getting better daddy.
It continues to rain every day (for those that want a weather update hahaha) all day so a lot of times I am drenched. every night when i get home i make milo and sit in my blankets..its freezing! (tanner, milo is like hot chocolate but not as sweet..if you were wondering ;)) 


Saturday and sunday we had stake conf and heard from Quinton L. Cook and others from the projector. It was really great. Brother Davies gave a great talk "does the lord give us challenges to impede our progression?" the answer is no. we just need to exercise our faith in Christ. He ALWAYS says, "Come unto me." "come unto me all you whom are heavy laden and i will give you rest" We need to constantly seek for a testimony of Christ and then CLEAVE to it. So good right?

NOWWWW, our investigators are slowly slowly progressing...except remson. he is just doing swimmingly. He has to be interviewed by president this week tho for his baptism saturday.. but other than that the work is movin and I am just lovin life. Missionary life, and being on a mission is the greatest blessing of my LIFE. Man, I love it.Having this opportunity and being here in the ppines...I feel so blessed. The gospel is just so...happy. Life is good.

Anyways I love you all more than anything! MAHAL KITA!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!
sister golightly


~Best photo bomb EVER!~

for the fam. last week momma said "remember this time is shaping you and molding you to what heavenly father wants you to be." TRUE DAT. siepre i am having a hard time right now, but looking back I think about how much I have and am learning...about my savior Jesus Christ, his atoning sacrifice, faith, forgiveness, and most of all humility, and meekness. I learned what it means to be meek mom...I have never used that word in my LIFE hahah. What a learning experience, I am grateful for it and how much I have grown in the last 6 weeks. Especially for how close I have come to the SAvior. Everyone is human, everyone is doing the best they can,. people make mistakes, and I learned how to love someone despite...everything. Christ felt that ya know?  he knew what i was going through and I felt his comfort. SOOO in ALL our lives, remember our challenges and hard times will strengthen our testimonies and faith and relationship with heavenly father and jesus christ. the end. 

                                ~remson took my camera and took a pic of himself...~