Friday, June 13, 2014

This Week Was Good! June 8, 2014

This week was good! the work is moving along! 
Happy birthday to daddy!!!

So just to answer some of daddys questions from the last couple weeks....

-as far as goals go we have whats called 'the standard of excellence', a goal number of lessons etc for each week (teach 10 lessons to investigators- 5 with a member present, and 15 rcla lessons each week, have 7 ibds each week, baptize and confirm 3 precious soul each cycle as a companionship, have 5 new inv). This week we taught 22 lessons.
-Our main focus in the mission is finding new inv...which is great, because nothing starts in missionary work without people to teach! I was studying a lot in mosiah about abinadi (mom and dad you know how much i love that story/movie hahaha) and really, no effort is wasted. you think about what he did where he went into a city to preach and was REJECTED every time. (i think a lot of people think serving here is easy because the people will just listen, yes a lot do listen but we are rejected more times in a day than i can count) and its not easy. i have felt that. and then being full of the spirit, he testified because that is what god wanted him to do, that was his calling, and  even though no one wanted to listen, his efforts were not wasted. he was fulfilling his purpose. NO EFFORT IS WASTED. Because of what abinadi did, Alma listened and as a result HUNDREDS were baptized. imagine if he didn't do that...and alma. oh man what an example of a missionary. anyways, sorry to go off on that..i just really love that story.

-We go on exchanges 1 every 6 weeks with the stls...i think ours in this week..

-Do you teach from door knocking? no not really, its not the most effective. we maybe spend like 2 hours a week, if that, doing that....mostly preaching by the way on the way to appt etc. its more effective.

-we are currently teaching maybe 10 inv...and a family! we taught them yesterday and i see potential for them. Remson is getting baptized the 21st and is progressing so much! its so amazing to watch. he is so ready and so excited to be baptized! he was actually a referral kasi he is the nanny for the guevarra family.

-We teach a ton of less active...which i really love. I love helping people be reminded of their testimonies...they are really amazing people and I love them so much...and then when they come to church! Ah man, pure joy!

We teach one less active pakistani couple (their daughters are pastoras and way against the church) but they moved here to be sealed in the temple and that is really their goal. its fun to teach them because they only speak their language and a little english....hahaha its so funny but really the gift of tongues...kay there is still a language gap but its great.

This morning we had zone activity with baguio zone and that was fun. it was a sports know me and if it was tennis that would be different but it wasn't hahaha. 

Life is good, the rain keeps coming, every day, my testimony is growing and my knowledge of the gospel as well. I feel so grateful and so blessed to be here right now. I am SO grateful to be here as an instrument in the lords hands. this gospel is SO real. The atoning sacrifice of jesus christ is SO real. Being able to testify every day that Christ lives and through him families can be together forever and we can return to heavenly father is the most...I can't even describe. My love for the Savior and my heavenly father is indescribable. I am so so grateful.

I love you all. Family, you are the best. spoil daddy this week! 

LOVE LOVE LOVE you all mahal KITA! xoxoxoxox
sister golightly

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