Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Its Been Raining Non Stop 24/7!!!!! July 27, 2014


It has been another fabulous week. But really, such. a. great. week.

1st! I just want to say thank you SO much family for your emails. As we sat in stop-go traffic on the jeepni on monday reading my emails, i'm just so grateful for you all. I love you all so much.

2nd! SHOUTOUT TO MY MAIN GIRL cuz it be her BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK! Like WHA! I can't believe it. time needs to slow down a little.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABYGIRL, I love you to the moon and back! Don't party to hard...maybe just wait till next year when I come back!

3rd! My finger got infected this week, but thankfully my companion is a nurse. hahah so all is well.  (sorry tmi..?)

4rth! Wow, aren't you all so glad I don't normally write my letters like this........

5th! So among the less actives..hiding from the missionaries is #trending (do people even do hash tags anymore? never mind don't answer that.)

6th! We got to teach marjorie's husband this week because he didn't have work so that was good...hopefully he will become interested as we teach them more...right now not so much :/ Speaking of Marjorie she is doing great! She came with us to the stake relief society activity on saturday that was about 4 hours...and she even liked it! (Ok ok, it was really good actually, mom you know i have a hard time sitting there that long during those things...hahaha) and she also came to church on sunday again! It was so happy! (along with 3 of our other inv that came!) When we taught her...man she is just progressing so much! We are still teaching panesa its just hard right now with the parents being soo busy with work! :/ But we will keep teaching them.

Speaking of church yesterday, sister de jose and I got to give the workshop at the ward fireside after church...it was on Visiting Teaching....(oh the irony I know. I have never visit taught in my life or been visit taught ever before, I only know how to missionary...buttttt it went really well and the spirit was there so we hope that it encouraged the sisters to visit.

One of our other inv Janet, we have been teaching for the past couple months, accepted an ibd...its amazing how that happened..kasi, she has only been to church once cuz its hard for her to walk. oh and she only speaks ilocano..now. I don't speak ilocano, my companion doesn't speak ilocano. and she doesn't speak Tagalog. Asks me how that works. hahah She is so sweet and funny...alot of times tho..shes confused, my comps confused, and i'm just REALLY confused... (I hope you got that movie reference hahah) I know about 15 words in ilocano, I feel like i'm starting over with tagalog in those lessons.Fellow shippers have to be brought to translate. lol

For the awkward moment of the week: It was definitely when our less active gave us tea and insisted we drink it, but
no we didn't, we left and she was offended...........she is old.

Now for the weekly weather report: ITS BEEN RAINING NON STOP ALL DAY ER DAY 24/7!!!!!!  My other new umbrella got a hole in it....so I feel like the past month I have been rocking the just-got-outta-the-shower look. awesome. hahaha. this week the rain was actually up past our ankles..so hard. like really.

Anyways, I'm so grateful to be serving. I know this is the lords work. Its HIS work so it has to be done HIS way. And there is no other way than by the spirit. WE are his instruments here on the earth. I testify this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ. It has been restored in its fullness. 

Remember to share the gospel with one of your friends this week! :) hehe

love love love you all more than anything!!!! MAHAL KITA!!!!
sister golightly

i didn't take a ton of pics this week so
 here was one of my language study selfies.

Happy Birthday Emmy!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Yesterday was the happiest Sunday of my mission! July 20, 2014

Well, this was easily maybe possibly one of the happiest weeks of my mission. It was a wonderful week! It was truly so great.

Like the work is seriously picking up. For reals. Like, this is my third transfer and I literally have seen miracles this week. Me and sister de jose have been working so hard. I don't think i have ever worked so hard my whole mission and it feels SO good!! I am so happy! and I know the lord is truly aware of each and every one of us..

So, first. (this is a totally unrelated hilarious story) The other day we went to one of our less actives. She was in the house and we saw her through the window, we knock on the door "tao po! sister! Hello po!" and then (ok i am laughing typing this) she is like 70 something ok? And she slowly ducks behind a plant by the sink and slowly down..down down...down...gets low on the ground and CRAWLS ACROSS THE FLOOR away from the window.......as we watch her.........hahah I just about died. Hiding is very common here...oh man the stories I could tell....haha I promise I am nice tho.

Ok, now for the good stuff. First off yesterday was the happiest sunday of my mission. Like honestly I can't put in words. Marjorie came to church. and two of our other investigators. and two of our other WAY inactive entire family's. Like can i get a hallelujah?! I can't describe how happy it was. We have taught Marjorie twice this past week and she was so receptive I feel she has been prepared talaga. She told us before when the missionaries went to her she never let them in and always would shy away from them but she said something about when we met, she didn't know why, but said we could come visit her and really its been so amazing to watch her faith grow. It was just an awesome week..we were able to teach some great lessons and find 6 new inv. 

We also got to experience the typhoons this week! tuesday was typhoon glenda and it broke me umbrella. haha the cute clear one. and then saturday and yesterday we got some of typhoon henry...and it broke my other umbrella...the good one. hahaha I have NEVER seen rain and wind so hard ever! Working through it, we were soaked and cold but it was fun haha Walking to the appt was like walking upstream.

Dad, we have been reaching the standard of excellence every week but have never gotten thirty before..this week was 27 :( we work SO hard...i have never been so tired in my life...heavenly father is LITERALLY giving me physical strength to climb these mountains...our appts are spread out everywhere so we have to walk so far and up stairs to get everywhere...we literally go out to work two hours before required to meet our goals.

I have been studying a lot this week on the atonement and the life of Jesus Christ. Something that really stuck out to me as I was reading a general conference talk was the way Jesus Christ taught the people. He taught with power, authority, and he also taught simply. So simple a child could understand it. It is so important as missionaries to teach the way Christ did, to love the people as Christ did, to serve the way he did...Simply with the spirit...the gospel is not complicated. It is the plan for all of us to return to heavenly father. I have a testimony of that.

Anyways, I wish I could write more and really do justice to how great this week was...I feel Heavenly Father is so aware. I love the gospel with all my heart and know without a doubt its true.

LOVE you all more than anything!! MAHAL KITA!!!
sister golightly

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

"Its Been Another Grand Week!" July 13, 2014

Hello hello hello family! 

its been another grand week! I'm so glad you all had such a fab tab time at the reunion! :) I can't tell you how much I loved all the pictures! 

So, I tried to send you pictures this week but this computer won't let me...sooo lame.

Anyways, first off...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TANNER!!!! I LOVE YOU BABY BOY!! I can't believe how old you are getting oh my goolay like I want time to stop..or at least slow down!! I hope you have a great day tanner man, and know I'll be thinking about you! (ps. i made you a poster and pictures and a video but this comptuer won't let me send it:( so next week!) Party hard bud! 

Anyways, the work was great this week. We extended 2 ibd's to two of our newer investigators for august and they both accepted. So we will continue to teach them and help their faith and testimonies grow to prepare. One of them, her name is Marjorie, and actually it was a 'preach by the way' we had a couple weeks ago. She had a lot of questions our first visit and actually read the pamplet we gave her. We taught her again yesterday and we watched the restoration with her and her 6 kids.(3 of her kids even came to church yesterday) After it was over she said, " I felt something...different" (of course in tagalog) pero, to hear someone say that its like, 'YES YES YES THAT THE SPIRIT!!!' Haha me and sister de jose probably looked so dumb sitting there just smiling ahhah When she said the closing prayer she asked to know if these things were true.. it was a great lesson and experience. 

So funny... the other day we were teaching danica, and so random in the middle of the lesson she goes "can i have one?" ..so im like, "oh yeah" and reach in my bag for a fruit snack and she is all no, and points to my head.....umm...she meant a strand of hair. hahahah she wanted a strand of hair....yeah idk. (her and her cousins have this thing with touching me..they kinda just like touching my face and veins on my arms and toes...idk......) 

but speaking of hairs..yesterday during sacrament meeting i felt like my hair was getting caught in the bench or something and all the sudden i look behind me and the elder's inv is pulling out strands of hair....and then i hear him whisper "gold..." Idk if thats wierd or.........

speaking of sacrament, yesterday in the middle of it, this little girl just walked right up to me and yells,
 "YOU LOOK LIKE BARBIE!!!!!!" ..............everyone got a great laugh. I was probably so red, like barbie gotta sunburn hahah

speaking of funny things... we went to an inv house and their dog got way aggressive and it was raining and it ran at me, so i put my umbrella out and SURPRISE its see thru! he ran right into it hahahaha! i was laughing so hard! the dog was so confused.

and on another note thats not related at all, i am really craving tacos.

Weather report: its been WAY hot! I really did get some great sunburns this week. and supposedly there is supposed to be a reaaal bad storm today.

The church is so true. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

sister golightly
your the best pappa. love you SO SO SO much! i can't tell you how much i love your emails every week. like seriously. the BEST. its great to hear about what your doing and what you think about what you are doing ect....it has been a good week this week. we have (and i am not saying this to brag, because its all about quaility not quantity) had 29 lessons this week, which has been a blessing in reaching our goals. We almost died trying to do it but it has been a really great week. I know that heavenly father really gave me phisical strength this week SUCH a blessing. i just love mission life so much haha its the best. i love you daddy thank you so much for yours and moms examples to me and always being so supportive. I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

It was a Great week! Like a really really GREAT week! July 6, 2014

Hello hello hello family!!! 
Magandang hapon sa inyong lahat! 

It was a GREAT week. Like a really really great week. Like, so much for trunky week! (the last week before the end of every transfer is called 'trunky week' because everyone gets lazy cuz they know they are leaving)  but it was definitely NOT trunky week for us! noo rest! we worked SO hard this week. I have never been so exhausted. We have had some of the most spiritual lessons this week of my mission. 

On that note, Sister De Jose (I think god wants me to learn more from her...hahah) didn't transfer, so we are both here in baguio for another transfer. I am glad, we are doing well and the ward is great. 

We have literally had fhe's every night the past 2 weeks. The members are also being so great and working with us almost every day. SO grateful for that! members present in lessons make such a difference. 

Its been a successful week and we were able to find 4 new inv. that I really think have a lot of potential. I feel they are really prepared. The panesa family continues to progress and came to church again yesterday. 

So sunday was a good day. This whole week I felt an abundance of the spirit and have never been so grateful to be here at this time, a part of god's work serving. Words can't describe my love for missionary work and being a missionary. I have a testimony this really is God's work and to able to be here set apart from the world focusing all my efforts on bringing people into the true gospel, to come unto christ, brings so much happiness. Just wow. My heart really is so full. Choosing to serve and being here was the best decision of my life. The gospel is so true and I know that without a doubt. 

....its still a little cold here and rains on the daily...hehe I love it. I hope you all are well. 

I love you all soooo much!
 PARTY IT UP MAN in ...wherever you are!!!!! 


MAHAL KITA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sister golightly