Wednesday, July 16, 2014

"Its Been Another Grand Week!" July 13, 2014

Hello hello hello family! 

its been another grand week! I'm so glad you all had such a fab tab time at the reunion! :) I can't tell you how much I loved all the pictures! 

So, I tried to send you pictures this week but this computer won't let me...sooo lame.

Anyways, first off...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TANNER!!!! I LOVE YOU BABY BOY!! I can't believe how old you are getting oh my goolay like I want time to stop..or at least slow down!! I hope you have a great day tanner man, and know I'll be thinking about you! (ps. i made you a poster and pictures and a video but this comptuer won't let me send it:( so next week!) Party hard bud! 

Anyways, the work was great this week. We extended 2 ibd's to two of our newer investigators for august and they both accepted. So we will continue to teach them and help their faith and testimonies grow to prepare. One of them, her name is Marjorie, and actually it was a 'preach by the way' we had a couple weeks ago. She had a lot of questions our first visit and actually read the pamplet we gave her. We taught her again yesterday and we watched the restoration with her and her 6 kids.(3 of her kids even came to church yesterday) After it was over she said, " I felt something...different" (of course in tagalog) pero, to hear someone say that its like, 'YES YES YES THAT THE SPIRIT!!!' Haha me and sister de jose probably looked so dumb sitting there just smiling ahhah When she said the closing prayer she asked to know if these things were true.. it was a great lesson and experience. 

So funny... the other day we were teaching danica, and so random in the middle of the lesson she goes "can i have one?" im like, "oh yeah" and reach in my bag for a fruit snack and she is all no, and points to my head.....umm...she meant a strand of hair. hahahah she wanted a strand of hair....yeah idk. (her and her cousins have this thing with touching me..they kinda just like touching my face and veins on my arms and toes...idk......) 

but speaking of hairs..yesterday during sacrament meeting i felt like my hair was getting caught in the bench or something and all the sudden i look behind me and the elder's inv is pulling out strands of hair....and then i hear him whisper "gold..." Idk if thats wierd or.........

speaking of sacrament, yesterday in the middle of it, this little girl just walked right up to me and yells,
 "YOU LOOK LIKE BARBIE!!!!!!" ..............everyone got a great laugh. I was probably so red, like barbie gotta sunburn hahah

speaking of funny things... we went to an inv house and their dog got way aggressive and it was raining and it ran at me, so i put my umbrella out and SURPRISE its see thru! he ran right into it hahahaha! i was laughing so hard! the dog was so confused.

and on another note thats not related at all, i am really craving tacos.

Weather report: its been WAY hot! I really did get some great sunburns this week. and supposedly there is supposed to be a reaaal bad storm today.

The church is so true. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

sister golightly
your the best pappa. love you SO SO SO much! i can't tell you how much i love your emails every week. like seriously. the BEST. its great to hear about what your doing and what you think about what you are doing has been a good week this week. we have (and i am not saying this to brag, because its all about quaility not quantity) had 29 lessons this week, which has been a blessing in reaching our goals. We almost died trying to do it but it has been a really great week. I know that heavenly father really gave me phisical strength this week SUCH a blessing. i just love mission life so much haha its the best. i love you daddy thank you so much for yours and moms examples to me and always being so supportive. I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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