Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Its Been Raining Non Stop 24/7!!!!! July 27, 2014


It has been another fabulous week. But really, such. a. great. week.

1st! I just want to say thank you SO much family for your emails. As we sat in stop-go traffic on the jeepni on monday reading my emails, i'm just so grateful for you all. I love you all so much.

2nd! SHOUTOUT TO MY MAIN GIRL cuz it be her BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK! Like WHA! I can't believe it. time needs to slow down a little.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABYGIRL, I love you to the moon and back! Don't party to hard...maybe just wait till next year when I come back!

3rd! My finger got infected this week, but thankfully my companion is a nurse. hahah so all is well.  (sorry tmi..?)

4rth! Wow, aren't you all so glad I don't normally write my letters like this........

5th! So among the less actives..hiding from the missionaries is #trending (do people even do hash tags anymore? never mind don't answer that.)

6th! We got to teach marjorie's husband this week because he didn't have work so that was good...hopefully he will become interested as we teach them more...right now not so much :/ Speaking of Marjorie she is doing great! She came with us to the stake relief society activity on saturday that was about 4 hours...and she even liked it! (Ok ok, it was really good actually, mom you know i have a hard time sitting there that long during those things...hahaha) and she also came to church on sunday again! It was so happy! (along with 3 of our other inv that came!) When we taught her...man she is just progressing so much! We are still teaching panesa its just hard right now with the parents being soo busy with work! :/ But we will keep teaching them.

Speaking of church yesterday, sister de jose and I got to give the workshop at the ward fireside after church...it was on Visiting Teaching....(oh the irony I know. I have never visit taught in my life or been visit taught ever before, I only know how to missionary...buttttt it went really well and the spirit was there so we hope that it encouraged the sisters to visit.

One of our other inv Janet, we have been teaching for the past couple months, accepted an ibd...its amazing how that happened..kasi, she has only been to church once cuz its hard for her to walk. oh and she only speaks ilocano..now. I don't speak ilocano, my companion doesn't speak ilocano. and she doesn't speak Tagalog. Asks me how that works. hahah She is so sweet and funny...alot of times tho..shes confused, my comps confused, and i'm just REALLY confused... (I hope you got that movie reference hahah) I know about 15 words in ilocano, I feel like i'm starting over with tagalog in those lessons.Fellow shippers have to be brought to translate. lol

For the awkward moment of the week: It was definitely when our less active gave us tea and insisted we drink it, but
no we didn't, we left and she was offended...........she is old.

Now for the weekly weather report: ITS BEEN RAINING NON STOP ALL DAY ER DAY 24/7!!!!!!  My other new umbrella got a hole in it....so I feel like the past month I have been rocking the just-got-outta-the-shower look. awesome. hahaha. this week the rain was actually up past our ankles..so hard. like really.

Anyways, I'm so grateful to be serving. I know this is the lords work. Its HIS work so it has to be done HIS way. And there is no other way than by the spirit. WE are his instruments here on the earth. I testify this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ. It has been restored in its fullness. 

Remember to share the gospel with one of your friends this week! :) hehe

love love love you all more than anything!!!! MAHAL KITA!!!!
sister golightly

i didn't take a ton of pics this week so
 here was one of my language study selfies.

Happy Birthday Emmy!!!

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