Tuesday, August 19, 2014

But Really...Like Missions Are the Best. August 17, 2014

WOW what a busy week. Another wonderful, sun-less, rainy, cold, fabuuulous week. Haha But really...like missions are the best. 

FIRST OFF HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LITTLE MAN!!!! I can't believe how fast he is growing up! I LOVE YOU BABY BOY! I hope you had the best day ever!!! 

~Brookee and Sister DeJose~
~Brookee and her new companion Sister Lacdo-o~

Transfers were this week and my new comp is Sister Lacdo-o (pronounced lack-doe-oh) haha we are batch mates so its really fun. She is probably one of the nicest people I have ever met, so I was so excited when I found out. (she is from where the big typhoon was) I can't believe this is my fourth transfer here in baguio!!

I thinkkk...on her first day she almost died. Hahaha like literally....she was close to death...We walked up to the first mountain, oh man it was sooooo funny, and she goes, "we are climbing that??" and now everyday she will ask if we are climbing a mountain and i'm all, "sister...we always climb mountains everyday...thats where the people   live"... hahah It makes me laugh so much. Testimony yan, to how heavenly father literally gives physical strength to do this work. amazing.

This week to sum it all up, 2 of our less actives died (which was very sad...) so we got to attend 2 funerals on Sunday and there burials on Wednesday..we found out Geraldine (the one that was supposed to get baptized next week) moved on tuesday..she told us and was sooo sad but her family told her to come home. So, that was sad...man this sounds like a really depressing email...

We extended an IBD to brother gregorio, he came to church again yesterday. Not only did he say yes, but asked before we extended when he could get baptized...and then gave up coffee on the spot. It was really amazing actually. So we will continue to help him with that, but are excited for him. He is progressing alot...Marjorie couldn't come to church yesterday cuz she had a fever :( But we will visit her this week.  

I love you all SO SO SO much!!! I am continuing to love it here...I think I am going back down to the lowlands soon..haha :) I miss the sun! BUT, the people here are so wonderful and I feel so blessed...sorry the email this week was kinda boring haha...

sister golightly

fun fact: I was called russian, british and german this week...oh and korean....I don't know about that one.....

 ~Pictures of where Brook serves~

hey daddy!!! everything is going good :) i am very happy and my comp and i get along well :) the area is still good ...i get to see the sun once a week. if i am lucky.  its been a super busy week....i think i almost killed me new comp  the first day on the first mountain.....she almostttttttttt died..........

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