Friday, August 29, 2014

I Am Sooo Grateful to be a Missionary! August 24, 2014

~yes life is great :) my comp is great, and its fun with sis chan..~

 i love you guys so weekly email this week no time...but i really love you guys and it was a crazy busy week...i had a lot of experiences that are so hard to describe over i can't...but i'm so happy sis lacdoo is my comp...its been so fun and just a chill companionship,,i am so grateful to be a missionary like SOOO much
ok here is the last thing. ya know what's funny here...we eat rice ALLLLL the time right? last night for dinner rice and lunch rice...oh and then deseret....more rice..hahah literally tho rice deseret....its just sticky rice. so funny.

~saw sis spjut at sm last monday~

yes thats a zipline....on the the right!

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