Sunday, August 17, 2014

I Just Feel So Grateful!! August 10, 2014

~Brookee and Sister De Jose~

                                   ~Brook's area that she serves in~

Journal entry # 156 Its been.,.....almost 7 days......and no signs of sunlight.........haha jkjk but really. 
No.Sun. I haven't seen sun in forever and its affecting my sun addicted little arizona body.

But on the real it has been another WONDERFUL week! Like of those weeks I just look back and see all the blessings and I just feel SO grateful.

Last monday I got my glasses that was fun. Hopefully that will help my headaches a little. Tuesday was district meeting and sister d and I gave the workshop on relying and recognizing and qualifying for the spirit. It was good...we are getting so good at speaking...haha (we also had the privilege of having the ap in district pressure right? yeah.)

Watching legacy er week is becoming a tradition...its the closest thing to a chickflick while staying focused on the work;) hahah and sis d let me paint her nails...hehe:)

friday was sis ahkiongs b day...the disctrict had a fun little party at chicboy haha they had a whole long bday song playlist...i only know the primary and regular happy birthday songs...but no. theres more. haha

Sunday was a GREAT day, we had 5 investigators come to church...Like really it sounds so funny, but the devastation is real when people don't come to church. Marjorie came, and even made some comments in gospel principles...(she is still progressing and we had some great lessons with her) another newer older inv man came and he seemed to really enjoy it. Geraldine and her friends came as well...over all it was a great day. I got to speak in sacrament.. (i think its my 3 time in 4 months......) on testimony and it went nothing like I had planned haha it was so cool.

This morning we had a great zone training on obedience.

Overall, life is SO good...just loving sharing the gospel. IT IS SO TRUE.

I LOVE YOU ALL MORE THAN ANYTHING!! ps...i love lettersss    cough cough...

MAHAL KITA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sister golightly

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