La Trinidad Zone                                                        

 Hello all :) 

It has been another non stop rainy week! Nothing super exciting this week, but still wonderful non the less! 

Monday I got to see Sister hardy at SM,,,, she came up to the highlands because her companion needed shoes. got a little choked up and teary eyed. hahaha Man, I MISS her!!! one transfer was not enough with that girl! It was great to catch up! 

Tuesday we had exchanges and I went with Sister Gerhards (sis jackson's trainer, now stl) and it was really fun! We had a lot of success that day in their area and got to talk to a lot of people and find new was also great because Sister Morrill lives with them!!! (My batch from provo) OH MY GOODNESS I LOVE HER! Like for reals, it was so fun hanging out with her!! We all went to a little Korean restaurant for lunch and then that night watched legacy...classic. (you all know how much i love that movie.)

Friday we had zone interviews, and that was good. (sorry i am forgetting adjectives) he brought up the mail and i got the letters from the activity day girls! So cute! I appreciated that SO much!! :)

The work is good, we had another inv accept and ibd..she lives her with her older sister to earn money for their family her in the highlands. she is 16 and has come to church the past 3 weeks..she is so cute! haha so 16! We love her... M didn't come to church yesterday :( sometimes I don't like agency...hahah 

Now for the weekly: Surprise! STILL rainy on the hourly...haha like POURING! Sometimes I just want to buy a big plastic cover so i wont be wet all the time...haha Sometimes the rain is so hard on the tin roofs everyone is yelling the whole lesson...(yeah i can't take my self seriously either sometimes when i'm yelling how much jesus loves them) A member told us the other day there was an earthquake on wed night I was only a 2.6 (not hard at all) and I was asleep so idk..haha. 

Anywhooooo life is great, I'm so grateful to be serving here! Missionary work is the best. The gospel is true! 

sister golightly