Monday, September 22, 2014

SO This Week was Crazy! Typhoon "Super Mario" September 21, 2014

Helloooo my favorite people ever! 

SO this week was crazy...Yes. I know. I say that every week. But this week really was. Haha. Promise.

Tuesday we gave workshop..again. I don't know whether E. Moimoi is just lazy or likes to give other people a turn...hahaha Wednesday was american food day..sister dial was with the other sisters for exchanges and I haven't lived with americans for 6 months so we made chili and brownies. Oh so sweet. (thanks for the brownies parents)

Thursday...well nothing really exciting happened thursday...ok now getting to the exciting part..

FRIDAY. So guys. I experienced working through the worst storm of my life this week. It was called Typhoon "super Mario". All day friday we worked in the rain and heard there was a bagyo coming that night. we were at the guevarras and we stepped outside and instantly we were SOAKED like i mean DRENCHED. (yes, our umbrellas were out) we were supposed to go to an appt in pinsao but we could barely see anything in front of us the rain was so hard...literally it just hit you so hard with the wind and everything. so we figured the typhoon was getting stronger and so we started the 20 min walk home..oh wait walk? no it was more like hiking up diamond up creek for reals!! It didn't matter that all the lights went out on the streets because we couldn't see much anyways..but the typhoon got stronger that night so saturday we couldn't go out to work at all...

so here is the moral of my story/experience...

I remember during this moment trying to get home just feeling so...helpless. All my energy was gone. like I was on the verge of falling over...As me and my companion kept going I didn't realize it till almost getting home that I had been praying that entire time..Praying that I would just be able to put one foot in front of the other. I can't explain the feeling I felt, besides exhaustion, I just felt so calm and and that He is so aware of me. I know Heavenly Father will always be there to help us in our times of need. 

"It is better to stand in a storm with God, then anywhere else without Him"

I love my Heavenly Father so much and am so thankful that we were safe and nothing happened to our Apartment and the other Missionaries in Baguio. Remember to keep the people here in your prayers. I love you all so much.

s golightly

i left out all the times we caught rats...we have soooooooooooo many in our house we come home and they are all just scurrying across the counters hahahaha
~B-day lunch for Sister J~

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hello Hello Hello!!! September 14, 2014

(Brookee didn't send pictures this week, 
so I am putting up one that Sister T had!)

Hello hello hello family!!!

What a great week! ( I promise I will try to work on my adjectives...a lot of times I just think in tagalog)...We had a lot going on this week...

Friday we had tri zone which was wonderful...president called on random companion ships to give workshops from chapter ten in PMG all about teaching skills...luckily I got away with only giving the closing prayer...It was a great day though and I learned alot. We had a lot of role plays (it wouldn't be a zone training if there wasn't any role plays) President also gave a great workshop on the Character of Christ...oh man it was amazing..sana I will expound more on that one next week.

Saturday morning we had a meeting with baguio zone for vaccinations in our areas to make sure all the kids are vaccinated which is just a great idea...Our investigators are doing well. we had another really great lesson with the panesa family...I really love them. We were able to teach Marjorie too who is still slowly progressing... We have still been teaching Brother G.....his wife gave him an ultimatum this week.. :( She said if he keeps coming to church and wanting to get baptized she will leave him...We know he is very strong tho and so we will keep teaching him and see what happens this week. It was a little funny tho when he goes " We are old now! She should have left me a long time ago!"

Sister LAcdo-o and I have had a really great heart is so full of gratitude. I am so grateful to have this humbling experience as a missionary. I am soo grateful Heavenly Father gave me the opportunity to be serving here in the philippines.I just love these people so much and I know this gospel is true. No doubt about that! This is the true restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

remember to pray for the people in the baguio mission right now, there has been a typhoon "luis' that hit last night and I know it was a lot stronger in the lowlands.
love you long time
mahal kita!
s golightly. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My Week in Pictures! September 7, 2014

 ~Monday was Baguio Days~
~BAGUIO DAYYYYYYYYY hehehe it was so legit 
like seriously people EVERYWHERE on the busiest street in baguio~

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I Am So Grateful to be Serving Here In Baguio. August 31, 2014


Hello Family.

It has been another great week. Grabiiiii, I am so grateful to be serving here in Baguio. Its crazy to think its been 5 months now here! Today right now on session road there is a parade outside because its baguio day...its so cool, with all their native outfits and dancing and everything..

The area is good, I testify to the fact our area definitely has the most stairs in all the Philippines. Fact? no, but I feel like it is. haha Most of my companions prayers go, "Heavenly father, please bless our bones won't break today as we climb the mountain..." hahaha She is not even kidding. I think this week I have been called barbie more than 78 million times..but its ok, we try to turn it into a preach by the way opportunity. 

Our investigators are good, its true as soon as the work progresses Satan tries harder...Bro G is still coming to church and loves it..he participates every week in class! he loves being taught and still isn't drinking coffee..instead he says he just heats up water and drinks it hahaha And sometimes adds a little sugar daw haha He just told us his wife doesn't want us to come to their house anymore to teach and tells him she doesn't want him going to church anymore...but he still comes and we teach him at the barangay hall...He says he wants to prepare for his baptism. Still teaching Sister Marjorie and the panesas and they are doing well and progressing slowly. Trying really hard to find new investigators to teach.

Everything is really great and I just love serving here...I know this is the Lord's work and His hand is in everything. I'm grateful to be an instrument for him. I just feel SO grateful. I love you all more than anything!!!! REALLY. 

Oh, and happy September... :)

Sister Golightly