Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I Am So Grateful to be Serving Here In Baguio. August 31, 2014


Hello Family.

It has been another great week. Grabiiiii, I am so grateful to be serving here in Baguio. Its crazy to think its been 5 months now here! Today right now on session road there is a parade outside because its baguio day...its so cool, with all their native outfits and dancing and everything..

The area is good, I testify to the fact our area definitely has the most stairs in all the Philippines. Fact? no, but I feel like it is. haha Most of my companions prayers go, "Heavenly father, please bless our bones won't break today as we climb the mountain..." hahaha She is not even kidding. I think this week I have been called barbie more than 78 million times..but its ok, we try to turn it into a preach by the way opportunity. 

Our investigators are good, its true as soon as the work progresses Satan tries harder...Bro G is still coming to church and loves it..he participates every week in class! he loves being taught and still isn't drinking coffee..instead he says he just heats up water and drinks it hahaha And sometimes adds a little sugar daw haha He just told us his wife doesn't want us to come to their house anymore to teach and tells him she doesn't want him going to church anymore...but he still comes and we teach him at the barangay hall...He says he wants to prepare for his baptism. Still teaching Sister Marjorie and the panesas and they are doing well and progressing slowly. Trying really hard to find new investigators to teach.

Everything is really great and I just love serving here...I know this is the Lord's work and His hand is in everything. I'm grateful to be an instrument for him. I just feel SO grateful. I love you all more than anything!!!! REALLY. 

Oh, and happy September... :)

Sister Golightly

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  1. Hi Sister Golightly :)

    Sitting in lecture class and thought of you, so decided to check out your blog. Loving your pictures and stories! Stay safe, have fun, and see you soon!

    - Nicole