Monday, October 20, 2014

Alright Here We Goooooo

ALRIGHT here we goooo

If I could describe the last three weeks in one email...yeah theres no way. BUT, I can tell you all I can't put into words how blessed I feel to be serving here in the Philippines...especially in San Juan. I really love it here. A LOT. Its a little bit of a challenge trying to strengthen the ward members...because our ward is more like a tiny branch with only 30-40 people coming each week...but me and S Haidder are having a so much fun doing it. Not to mention our area is b-e-a-utiful. Long walks on the beach on the daily...hehe:)

our investigators are...well actually our teaching pool is the size of a puddle right I don't know if I can say investigators as in plural....But brother manuel is doing GREAT. He had his baptism interview yesterday and keeps telling us it will feel like Christmas on the 25th of October...because thats what day his baptism is. the experiences S Haider and i have had teaching him has been so amazing. He is 84 and is the cutest. He is so prepared. the other week we had the greatest time teaching about receiving an answer to prayers..he had doubts about Joseph smith and after our lesson there was a powerful promise he would receive an answer in three days if he prayed to know...the next day we came back and he said, "Guess what! I have great news! I prayed last night..." and then he told us the story about 3 times since then about how he felt the spirit so strong testify to him Joesph Smith is a true prophet, and how he just knows. That is the coolest thing to me, because its so true. If we ask with desire and faith Heavenly Father's promise to each of us is the truth will be manifested through the power of the Holy Ghost. I know for a fact, not a doubt in my heart or mind, that Joseph Smith is a prophet called of God to restore the true church of Jesus Christ back on the earth today. And through him we have the fullness of the gospel contained in the Book of Mormon. No doubt about it.

We had zone interviews this week with president....I was so pumped after the interview...I wanted to start with the talk I read about the Book of Mormon. That was so inspiring for me. It made me want to give out Book of Mormons to every person in Ili Norte, Ili Sur amd Taboc! The Book of Mormon and the spirit really are central to conversion. I know as a missionary I could do better with this. One of the unique differences in our message, is that we have the fullness of the gospel contained in the Book of Mormon, so we can't be afraid to share that right away. I have tried this before and remember the difference in it. People will want to know more.

I also was very encouraged this week after the zone interviews. I was able to take so much from that on how I can be a more effective missionary...Like the analogy you placed before me. If we are playing a game of tennis. I know the way the game is played. I just need to notice my weak points and make them strengths to become a better player. The greatest part about this is I know that I have a coach, our Heavenly Father, that is with me the entire game and will always help me. He has given me guides and "how-to's" to be even better and to "score points".  I really was inspired by this and know it will help me to be a better instrument in the hands of the Lord. It has been a great week and Sister Haider and I look forward to another. She is such a wonderful companion!

 What elseeee exciting....I already told you mom and dad, but I tried Balou....if you don't know what it is google it. And then be way impressed because the whole chick and everything else in the egg was... yeah...I won't eat it again maybe. (sister rozal said she would tell us the anatomy of the egg after we ate it...I couldn't even listen haha) I am also adjusting to pakistani culture..Sister Haider is so awesome and cooks us such delicious food!!!

anyways, life is so wonderful. 

Love you all to the moon and back MAHAL KO KAYO
s golightly

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