Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Back to Sandy Toes and A Sun kissed Nose! September 28, 2014

Well I am definitely back in the Philippines...coming back down to the lowlands is soo wonderful, I can't even describe. My new area is in san juan so it is by the fields and on the beach... back to sandy toes and a sun kissed nose, listening to the waves...oh and cold bucket showers in the morning, no flushing toilets, waking up to goats and chickens every morning, riding trykes, hand washing all my clothes, being sweaty 24/7....honestly life doesn't get better. 

My new companion is Sister Haider and I absolutely adore her. She is from Pakistan and we have so much fun together.

~brookee's new companion sister haider~

The area here is really progressing and so we are having fun finding (yes she actually likes to find with me) so we get to talk to a lot of people every day and are finding a lot of potentials. It is very exciting. When I got here there were already a few that are really progressing and so getting to know everyone and teach them more is so great. The ward is good, we have about 30 members on average coming every it will be good to work with the less actives. I have always loved visiting less active members. and i love it so excited to work here...after being in one area so long change is good. i am so grateful to be here. i have had a lot of cool experiences this week... we are teaching one old man M. who has an ibd for this coming month and he is progressing so much...he is so cute...he is 84 and always says bffs tayo (we are bffs hahahahahaha) i laugh so hard every time. he comes to church every sunday and everything.  its great.  the ward is tiny with only 30 ppl but i am excited to what i can to help strengthen it.  

Man,..we had a lot of really great experiences this week, too many to share. I will be sure to get on that next week and send more pics :) But missionary life is still the best ever and I am so grateful to be here.. I already love this area so much.

I know the gospel is true.

s. golightly

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