Monday, October 13, 2014

Can you believe I am twenty?!?!?! October 13, 2014


hah you guys are seriously the bestttttt can you believe I am twenty?!?!?! like what theeeeeeeee its been great. my comp is so sweet haha sis m. and sister s. are coming down to san fernando for my birthday in a little bit so we will go meet up after this. so that was nice of them and we will go have ice cream or something :)

I GOT THE CARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CRIED!!!!!! BUT i couldn't see the vids on my camera!!!!!! i could only listen lololol so i listened hahahaha I won't get the box for a while i think hehe 

things are great here... i am literally drippin sweat twenty four seven.....i die its so hot but its great i love this area so much! the work is very slow right now. we have one inv preparing for baptism THAT we have been teaching the last few weeks ....he is 84 hahaha he was so ready and then he said he didn't know about joseph smith and so we challenged him to pray about it, talked about faith and promised him he would receive an answer...yesterday we went to him and he said he prayed and felt something and he knows its all true. his baptism in this sat! it was very exciting! 

I know this is the lords work.

I love you so much! Have a great week!!!!
love your old daughter

~waking up birthday morning pictures from Brookee's companion.  
She emailed them to me!~

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