Wednesday, October 29, 2014

It Was A Great Day!

Hello Parents (and family...) 

First, we had the baptism of Brother Manuel which was sooo happy. It was a great day.  Basically Bro manuel was just so happy and excited to be baptized...he told us he couldn't sleep all night and after he was baptised we asked how he felt and he
just says... "Hungry." hahaha and started laughing and then he goes "Just joking! I feel great!" It was so happy! Overall the day was great... :)

I love being a missionary I really do. I know this is the lords work and there is a reason I am here in this area. I love this area and am doing everything I can to build it up. 

I am doing wonderful. Missions are hard. But I know they are worth it. This is the MOSt worthwhile thing I could be doing in my life right now. I love this gospel more than anything and am more than grateful for the opportunity to be serving right now. 

 Oh I also got to cut sister haiders hair it looks SO Cute :)

love you all sooooooooooo much!!!!! MAHAL KITA!
s golightly

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