Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Anther WOnderful Week in San Juan!

My father requested I write a few experiences spiritual and otherwise. so hereeee we go mga katapid.

This week was...another wonderful week in San Juan. Somedays I still feel like I am dreaming all of this and at any moment I will wake up...maybe because the past week we have been a little tired....and I probably have been sleep walking or something. we have had our kapit bahay (neighbors) doing karaoke until all hours of the nights and then there is that one chicken farm next door...and then the dogs... But its all good it makes things interesting. Mission life is the greatest. Of course as the family knows, my companion and I have been trying really hard to help this area and our members to be strengthened. 

we have actually been able to visit a lot this week and have had some really wonderful lessons. The spirit was strong. What I have noticed the most this week is the influence of the book of mormon... as we have been teaching from it and helping others to learn and apply its teachings. I have come to understand more I feel on my mission the meaning of "keystone". (does that sounds weird? thats ok.) But really think about that, the book of mormon is the Keystone of our religion....why do we need to know that is true? Because if the book of mormon is true, then joseph smith is a true prophet called of god, and this really is the gospel restored in its fullness. I know god has given us the bok of mormon for our time right now. It applies to our lives and we can come closer to Christ by abiding by its precepts. I know we can come to a knowledge of its truthfulness by reading and praying about it. Its our duty and responsibility as members to spread this book to all corners of the earth...meaning we need to to share this book to our loved ones and they can also come to know of the fullness of the gospel.

Being able to teach this message to the people of the philippines is the greatest privilege I have ever received. I know this gospel is true. 

I am so grateful for you all.
I love you all so much to the moon and back!

s golightly

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