Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My Favorite Place on Earth....PHILIPPINES.

~buying somthing from dah tindahan lol~

Hello family

This will be short. But this one just goes out to my favorite place on earth.....THE PHILIPPINES. (don't worry family, one day we will experience it together) Honestly, I just feel so blessed...like SO blessed to be able to serve here. The Philippines is just my favorite. The people here are just amazing. I couldn't put in words my gratefulness.

Welp, thats it. I just don't want to leave. haha

Ok, I love you all and hope your doing greeeat. Thanks so much for your emails.. It makes my day to hear from you all!! LOVE LOVE LOVE you all!
Mahal ko kayo!!

ps mom, you need to look up the song mahal kita (of course i thought of you when i heard it cuz those are the only words yous know in tagalog ;) heheh)
s golightly

~its for us ;) wahooooooooo ~


 till next week :) 

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