Tuesday, November 25, 2014


WHAT A FABULOUS WEEK. Everyone. Let me just tell you this week. was. great. It was so exhausting and so happy. Side note, can I just mention again how much I am so in love with the philippines? Ok. I just love the phillippines....SO MUCH. Kay Im done now. 

First of all, happy thanksgiving to all reading this! I have been feeling extra blessed this week doing the Lords work and honestly. I have seen more than one miracle.. countless!! This morning as we were pumping water from the well for our bucket showers to bring into the bathroom I was thinking...at least more often than not (even though there is still no flushing toilets) we have running water to wash the dishes ect...*blessing*...

And then there was this one time this week...oh wait make that 2 TIMES this week we were able to teach a less active brother (the first times) who completely opened up to us about concerns ect and the greatest blessing was him realizing what changes he needs to make in his life and come back to shurch with his wife...and then him sharing some of his testimony with us and his desire to go to the temple with his wife to be sealed...*blessing* Like borther, that is why we are here to help you and sister!! 

I COULD GO ON AND ON I REALLY COULD! I have seen so many miracles happen this week in this area...We have had so many teaching opportunities. Things I haven't seen happen in..well since I arrived here have happened. The Lords hand/help is truly in this work. 

This week sister haider and I were able to find a new investigator and I am pretty sure I was so excited to teach her I almost shared lessons one two AND three...restoration, plan of salv. and every other doctrine in the church...She was asking so many questions and really wanted to know...it was like cloud 9. Having someone this week actually WANT to listen to what we have to say and ACCEPT us in their house. It was such a miracle to me. 

There is so much to be grateful for...I will forever be eternally grateful for my wonderful family and sweet parents, who have been the most perfect examples for me. I am so grateful for this gospel. These are the most important things in my entire life. My heart is SO full! Have a great week everyone..Remember to count your blessings! 

s golightly

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