Tuesday, December 30, 2014

So Just a Super Quick Update...December 28, 2015

So just a super quick update...

This week was fabulous. Had so many eating appts, I know I have gained at least 5 kilos. But Christmas and Christmas eve was so great. The people here are so wonderful...just the nicest people ever. We were able to teach some great lessons and the spirit was so strong as we shared of the birth of our savior sa mga investigators and less actives namin. And that awesome quote (thanks mom) "to catch the real meaning of Christmas we must only drop the last syllable...and it becomes the spirit of Christ" just in my head all week. 

the ward Christmas party was on Tuesday, that was fun....our investigators came with their kids so that was just the best to see them. They really enjoyed it. One of them sister Shirly, accepted an ibd this week as well and the goal date we are aiming for is january. She is really progressing. She was also able to come to the baptism the elders had on Saturday so it was neat for her to see how it all happened.  her kids came as well...we are hoping we will also be able to start teaching them. 

Anyways, life is so great. There is so much to be grateful for. hope you all have a happy new year. 2015...!!!!...like what theeee. We were listening to a talk yesterday by Elder Holland about new beginnings and not looking back. (referencing to lot's wife) It takes faith to look to the future, but that is what our heavenly father wants us to do. 

Anyways, time is uppp for today, but I love you all so so so much! It was so wonderful skyping! Like really it made my whole christmas! You are all the BEST!

happy new year
s golightly

Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Welp guys. Guess what? I got transfered last week. haha I am in Bauang..Bauang 2nd branch. This area is serioulsy the BEST. It is a bigger area and very humble area din. The people are just....the best. (Wow sorry I feel like I don't know any other adjectives anymore.) My new comp is Sister Lomibao and she is also...the best. haha For reals how did I get so blessed?
Second of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! As me and sister l have been teaching this week we have focused a lot on the Savior of course and the true meaning of christmas. In 2 nephi 19:6 it says "For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given..." As I was reflecting on this and teaching these people my mind always comes back to just how blessed we all are... That we have the gospel in our lives and the knowledge that we have a Father in Heaven who loves us without measure. He loves us so much He gave us his only begotten son. We have a savior who loves us all so much he suffered individually for all of us and gave his life. We all have the opportunity to return back to them. Sooo lets remember how blessed we are and focus on the TRUE meaning of Christmas. When it is so unbelievably easy to get caught up in the shopping and gifts and wish lists that christmas brings lets remember what REALLY matters. This is the time of year to focus on our Savior. HE is the gift. HE has given us the chance to gain eternal life.... so lets think of something this year we can do to give back to HIM.
Well now I will continue...This week has been one of miracles. WE have been finding like crazzzzyyyy trying to find those souls who are prepared and ready to hear the gospel and we have been talking to EVERYONE and i mean EVERYONE! We were blessed to find 9 solid new investigators and not only that, 3 of them came to church the first time on sunday for allll three hours! How AWESOME is that!? I was on cloud nine...I can't even express how happy I was..and another one that we have been teaching a while came as well with her kids. It was the most wonderful day ever. I love this branch so much.
Kay ready for a cool story? So sis l and i go out finding and we are walking down this street with like no people out so we walk a little bit more and then go, ok. Just give us one person heavenly father. And we say, the next person we see we will talk to them. So, we are walking and on the side in a little bamboo house is a older man washing something in a bucket. He all of the sudden turns around *side not, we had not said a word yet* and says (in tagalog) "Let me go get you both a chair I feel like you have something important to tell us" ....................WHAT?! Him and his wife who actually has breast cancer came to church yesterday. Miracle.
ok ready here is the last one, we  are at this one inv and she has 5 kids. there house is basically dirt ground and wood on the sides and she is great, super sweet and receptive etc and then.......she pulled out this noodle stuff they had left....she got out two bowls and gave them to us. i almost cried. she was like this was from earlier..."sorry i didn't have all the ingredients...its only milk and noodles...we didn't have cream....." My heart was so full of gratitude. People here are so amazing. She didn't have a lot but gave it to US. Like amazing. That is called charity..the pure love of christ. She also came to church on sunday with all her kids. Ah!
Merry merry christmas everyone, I hope you all enjoy the week and remember the true reason for the season. :) LOVE LOVE LOVE you all more than anything.
Thank you all so much sa LAHAT!
s golightly

Sunday, December 21, 2014

We were SO blessed this week!

Hello familyyyy.

So every week sympre has its ups and downs...and always the ups outway the downs. But I feel like this week it was all upssssss. Like, wow. We were SO blessed this week. It was one of those weeks on sunday nights we just looked back and saw changes. I mean we have seen changes. In the area, in the people we are teaching...in the ward...its been a Christmas miracle. I know that there is no way that would be possible without prayer (and the prayers of you all) hard work, and the help of Heavenly Father.

Where do I even start?! Ok, how about the fact (now I will refer you back to two or three weeks ago, in the email when I shared the exciting news we had found an inv who was actually interested, Regine.) welp everyone, she came to church. Not only did this cute little pregnant woman come to church but she also brought her husband. We have been able to continue to teach her the past couple weeks and she is still praying to knw but has been reading the book of mormon and has so much potential. She is due in like two weeks and does everything like normal its so funny. Our other inv Cecile went back to her province but will be coming back hopefully by the end of this month.

Now another miracle, our less active family that we have been working with for how many months now iscomin. back. It has been AMAZING to see the changes in that couple. especially brother...he went from getting drunk everyday and now hasn't drank in almost three weeks.  His desire is SO strong and he committed to come back to church this week on sunday for the first time in a couple years. He was very active before and when we teach him we can see the affects of the atonement in his life as he is changing. Really its incredible. He is reading the b of m again and (i think he knows it better than I do haha) his wife even bore her testimony in church last week about how the gospel back in her life is making all the difference. Like people the gospel is just so true. 

Once again, like I know I say every week. I am so grateful to be serving here. I am so grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ.  In Moroni 10:32 it talks about coming unto christ at maging ganap sa kanya..becoming perfect in him..I know we can do that. through him our lives can be changed. I know the hard times in our lives help us grow stronger. I love my Savior and I am grateful for the humbling opportunity to represent Him and share my knowledge of the gospel to the people here in the Philippines.

Have a fabulous week everyone! 

S. Golightly

Lastly, a shout out to the greatest pakistani companion in the world Sister Haider, because she is getting transferred tomorrow. I will seriously miss her so much! 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I'm OK!!!! It didn't hit here!!

 morning walk on the beach
 little girl that ALWAYS says hi to us every time we are on the street.
 this dog........so scary. 
but it was tied up this time....

that thing on the side....alot of the 
houses here are like that.

 Sister Haider and me


 i'm ok! it didn't hit here! we were very blessed. but its all gooood in the hoood here. 

This week was good. I really have been working hard with Sister Haider...we have been able to see a lot of improvement in the area...Not quite yet with the ward but in the area we have seen some great changes. It makes me feel such comfort to be reminded every day that this is the Lord's work and he is so aware of all of us. We have seen great things happen with our investigators and especially our less actives here in San Juan. The highlight was being able to teach a family of less actives (we have been teaching for a long time) and seeing Sister come to church and Brother has stopped drinking and has started reading the Book of Mormon again. It was so amazing! The spirit was so strong in those lessons.


Have a great week everyone. 



Mahal na mahal ko kayo!

s golightly

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I am just so grateful to be here and to be a missionary! December 1, 2014

Hello family...
I wish I could just photo copy my journal entries this week and send them to you. There was sooo many crazy experiences this week! First of all, I am so grateful for my companion, her and her little Pakistani self. haha Sister Haider is just the best. I feel like I could tell anyone anything they wanna know about pakistan now not just the Philippines so if you have questions....haha 

It was definitely a week I am so. grateful for. Thanksgiving Sister haider and I went to the hosptial for my migraines...and yeah..mom you know the deats on that one. When we got home we had the american macaroni and cheese (sister smiths mom sent) and mashed potatoes. I havn't had either of those since last year! Later on that day Sister Garcia (one of my favoriteeee people in this area) also fed us soo much pancit and fried chicken...it felt like thanksgiving because I was soooo full. 

I can't believe its december! It feels nothing like it because it is soo hot, but the people started decorating about...two months ago so everyones little stars and lights and wreaths are on their doors..it is so cute.

I have witnessed soo many blessing happen this week...The biggest blessing might have been meeting Sister Cecile. She is SO prepared my goodness. We actually met her about a month and ago...and long story short... I was very humbled. I assumed she would want to bible bash as nice as she was because she used to be a Methodist preacher so we said hello/goodbye and went separate ways...but when we (not by chance) met with her again all she really wanted was to hear the message of the restoration. I don't know where we were the last three lessons.. she was there with us sitting in the lessons when we were teaching some of our less actives and we didn't even notice...When we finally talked to her again and realized we had met her before she shared her desire to listen to the lessons. It was so wonderful, we have been able to teach her almost every day this week and have felt the spirit so strong...she came to know it was true so quickly and really was prepared by God. She had been wanting to meet with us for a long time and when she accepted the book of mormon...ah man. those are the moments i live for. 

I am just so grateful to be here and to be a missionary...Every week there is definitely ups and downs. Sometimes its very hard when people don't always want to listen to you or act on commitments...but I know that when times are hard that is ok, it builds us and shapes us and gives us an opportunity to act on our faith which in the end brings us closer to our heavenly father. I know He knows us each individually. And I know He really is there for us always. I know this is His work. The gospel is His plan for us to return back to him. I have come to know to importance of acting and not being acted upon...we can choose how to respond to situations. I have had so many times this week after leaving lessons and just wanting to cry..because I feel like I do everything I can and they are still not wanting to change at all... But people have their agency. I know that is also part of God's plan. We just need to use our agency wisely so we can receive the greatest of all blessings, eternal life. 

Have a great week everyone. LOVE YOU xoxoxoxox
Mahal na mahal ko kayo!
s golightly