Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I am just so grateful to be here and to be a missionary! December 1, 2014

Hello family...
I wish I could just photo copy my journal entries this week and send them to you. There was sooo many crazy experiences this week! First of all, I am so grateful for my companion, her and her little Pakistani self. haha Sister Haider is just the best. I feel like I could tell anyone anything they wanna know about pakistan now not just the Philippines so if you have questions....haha 

It was definitely a week I am so. grateful for. Thanksgiving Sister haider and I went to the hosptial for my migraines...and yeah..mom you know the deats on that one. When we got home we had the american macaroni and cheese (sister smiths mom sent) and mashed potatoes. I havn't had either of those since last year! Later on that day Sister Garcia (one of my favoriteeee people in this area) also fed us soo much pancit and fried chicken...it felt like thanksgiving because I was soooo full. 

I can't believe its december! It feels nothing like it because it is soo hot, but the people started decorating about...two months ago so everyones little stars and lights and wreaths are on their doors..it is so cute.

I have witnessed soo many blessing happen this week...The biggest blessing might have been meeting Sister Cecile. She is SO prepared my goodness. We actually met her about a month and ago...and long story short... I was very humbled. I assumed she would want to bible bash as nice as she was because she used to be a Methodist preacher so we said hello/goodbye and went separate ways...but when we (not by chance) met with her again all she really wanted was to hear the message of the restoration. I don't know where we were the last three lessons.. she was there with us sitting in the lessons when we were teaching some of our less actives and we didn't even notice...When we finally talked to her again and realized we had met her before she shared her desire to listen to the lessons. It was so wonderful, we have been able to teach her almost every day this week and have felt the spirit so strong...she came to know it was true so quickly and really was prepared by God. She had been wanting to meet with us for a long time and when she accepted the book of mormon...ah man. those are the moments i live for. 

I am just so grateful to be here and to be a missionary...Every week there is definitely ups and downs. Sometimes its very hard when people don't always want to listen to you or act on commitments...but I know that when times are hard that is ok, it builds us and shapes us and gives us an opportunity to act on our faith which in the end brings us closer to our heavenly father. I know He knows us each individually. And I know He really is there for us always. I know this is His work. The gospel is His plan for us to return back to him. I have come to know to importance of acting and not being acted upon...we can choose how to respond to situations. I have had so many times this week after leaving lessons and just wanting to cry..because I feel like I do everything I can and they are still not wanting to change at all... But people have their agency. I know that is also part of God's plan. We just need to use our agency wisely so we can receive the greatest of all blessings, eternal life. 

Have a great week everyone. LOVE YOU xoxoxoxox
Mahal na mahal ko kayo!
s golightly

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