Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Welp guys. Guess what? I got transfered last week. haha I am in Bauang..Bauang 2nd branch. This area is serioulsy the BEST. It is a bigger area and very humble area din. The people are just....the best. (Wow sorry I feel like I don't know any other adjectives anymore.) My new comp is Sister Lomibao and she is also...the best. haha For reals how did I get so blessed?
Second of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! As me and sister l have been teaching this week we have focused a lot on the Savior of course and the true meaning of christmas. In 2 nephi 19:6 it says "For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given..." As I was reflecting on this and teaching these people my mind always comes back to just how blessed we all are... That we have the gospel in our lives and the knowledge that we have a Father in Heaven who loves us without measure. He loves us so much He gave us his only begotten son. We have a savior who loves us all so much he suffered individually for all of us and gave his life. We all have the opportunity to return back to them. Sooo lets remember how blessed we are and focus on the TRUE meaning of Christmas. When it is so unbelievably easy to get caught up in the shopping and gifts and wish lists that christmas brings lets remember what REALLY matters. This is the time of year to focus on our Savior. HE is the gift. HE has given us the chance to gain eternal life.... so lets think of something this year we can do to give back to HIM.
Well now I will continue...This week has been one of miracles. WE have been finding like crazzzzyyyy trying to find those souls who are prepared and ready to hear the gospel and we have been talking to EVERYONE and i mean EVERYONE! We were blessed to find 9 solid new investigators and not only that, 3 of them came to church the first time on sunday for allll three hours! How AWESOME is that!? I was on cloud nine...I can't even express how happy I was..and another one that we have been teaching a while came as well with her kids. It was the most wonderful day ever. I love this branch so much.
Kay ready for a cool story? So sis l and i go out finding and we are walking down this street with like no people out so we walk a little bit more and then go, ok. Just give us one person heavenly father. And we say, the next person we see we will talk to them. So, we are walking and on the side in a little bamboo house is a older man washing something in a bucket. He all of the sudden turns around *side not, we had not said a word yet* and says (in tagalog) "Let me go get you both a chair I feel like you have something important to tell us" ....................WHAT?! Him and his wife who actually has breast cancer came to church yesterday. Miracle.
ok ready here is the last one, we  are at this one inv and she has 5 kids. there house is basically dirt ground and wood on the sides and she is great, super sweet and receptive etc and then.......she pulled out this noodle stuff they had left....she got out two bowls and gave them to us. i almost cried. she was like this was from earlier..."sorry i didn't have all the ingredients...its only milk and noodles...we didn't have cream....." My heart was so full of gratitude. People here are so amazing. She didn't have a lot but gave it to US. Like amazing. That is called charity..the pure love of christ. She also came to church on sunday with all her kids. Ah!
Merry merry christmas everyone, I hope you all enjoy the week and remember the true reason for the season. :) LOVE LOVE LOVE you all more than anything.
Thank you all so much sa LAHAT!
s golightly

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